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Drain Camera Inspection and Drain Snaking

- CCTV Drain Surveys
- UnBlock Drain System
- Clean-out installation
- Drain Snaking
- Tree Roots Removal
- Video Inspection
- Free camera inspection*
- Free plumbing inspection*
**with any drain project

Drain Sewer Camera Inspection in Toronto

Sewer Camera Inspection, Pipe Camera Inspection

Drain pipe Inspection

Do you suspect that you may have a collapsed sewer lateral, storm pipe broken, or an unknown blockage in a pipe? Did you know that there are easier ways to find underground pipes than having to dig trenches?

Anta Plumbing’s video sewer inspection (CCTV) equipment allows us to inspect and locate pipeline drain systems, up-close and personal.

Drain and sewer systems can be visually examined and diagnosed by sending a video camera through the problem drain or sewer, using a specialized video sewer inspection system, operated by a City of Toronto licensed plumber.

Anta Plumbing Inc.’s video sewer inspection equipment visually locates blockages, any pipeline structural problems. It offers a trenchless pipe repair and replacement option that can save both money and the inconvenience of digging up your floors, gardens and driveways.

Structural pipeline problems can be classified:

- Sags (low areas)
- Tree root infiltration/water infiltration
- Broken/crushed pipes
- Cross boring from other utilities

Anta Plumbing can find that problem quickly and efficiently with new technology – drain cameras for sewer or storm pipes, transmitters for water pipes.

New technology allows our plumbers to find the location of a blockage or broken pipe underground with as little damage as possible to your property.


Drain Camera follow inside the sewer pipe.

A tiny, but robust drain video camera is used to identify obstructions and damage that inhibit proper water flow or sewers create occasional or repeated backups. The camera also verifies that obstructions have been removed and that the lines are clean following our drain cleaning service. The condition of a drain line typically cannot be determined without a visual inspection using an in-line camera.

Every detail of the interior of your drain is shown on a television color screen and video footage is transmitted to the camera operator via a closed circuit TV screen.

Our master plumbing license technician will give you advice and all his knowledge to solve the problem as fast as possible and with as little cost and damage to your property as possible. We use trenchless technology and water torpedo to install new water supply lines.

Trenchless (No-digging) Technology details check here

CCTV Inspection

CCTV inspections are crucial when there are problems in drains. Drains can be blocked for many reasons and it is essential to physically see the problem before taking the next step.

Drain pipe Locator

Once the blockage has been identified, our licensed plumber can pinpoint the exact location and depth by using our sonar leak detection equipment, thus eliminating the need to dig up your floors, walls and landscapes, creating unnecessary work and cost.

From here we can advise on the most appropriate remedy for rectifying the problem which will avoid any extra costs and inconveniences in the future.

Call us today to book an appointment with Anta Plumbing’s City of Toronto licensed plumbers for drain camera inspections.

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