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Drain Repairs in Toronto

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Drain Repairs by Anta Plumbing and Drain INC.

Drain repair

Drain repair in Toronto is inevitable in both residential and commercial structures.

Every house in Toronto has a main drain and it is found in the floor of the basement.

If the drain is made of clay, over time, roots from nearby trees will maneuver their way into the clay pipe causing cracks which can result in the pipe collapsing.

When roots accumulate in the clay pipe it can also obstruct the flow of the sewage out of your house causing a blockage.

When pipes are blocked to its capacity there is nowhere else for the sewage to go except back up through the main drain of the house resulting in sewer waste all over the basement floor. Also if this drain is not protected with a back water valve then the resident is also in danger of a sewage back up.

A technician will go to your home and assess the condition of the pipes with recommendations to rectify the problem.

After answering all your questions our specialist will give you a written estimate on Anta Plumbing stationary.

Pipe bursting - trenchless installation

A popular option to repair your drain is a method called "Pipe Bursting Technology".

This is a trenchless method or otherwise known as a no dig method. Pipe bursting is a technique which is execute by our highly trained drain crew. There is very minimal disruption to your landscape when the trenchless method is used. They dig 2 holes one in the basement and one outside by the property line. These holes are about 8 feet deep and about 5 feet wide. They protect the work area inside and outside the house with tarps.

How does it work?

The drain technician sets up the pipe bursting equipment outside the house and the only material that goes into the house is the new pipe.

The pipe bursting equipment pulls the new pipe out of the house underground to property line, where they connect the new pipe to the city drain. This trenchless method is an easy way for the crew to clean up and put your property back the way they found it.

The holes are refilled with original dirt and the basement is also cemented. Usually within one day the service is completed and all work area cleaned up so well that

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