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Emergency plumbing company

It's 6am and you're following your everyday routine before you face the hustle & bustle of the subway or that never ending traffic. Unfortunately, this morning holds an unpleasant surprise as your enjoying that morning cup.

The continuous sound of running water interrupts and draws your attention to the pool of water that has developed under you kitchen sink!!

There are many different avenues that should be explored as to why these types of situations occur. Maybe it was that "handyman" you had by to do that costly kitchen reno?

Frozen pipes are very liable to burst if not insulated and are a common issue with these cold winters and older houses, or it may be as simple as replacing a shut off valve that's lived its lengthy life.

These are all possibilities that our staff at Anta Plumbing is familiar with, upon many other emergency situations.

Have you ever experienced that dreaded feeling of watching the water level refuse to flush and instead rises to the brim of your toilet?

All too common in the world of plumbing, fortunately this scenario can also be resolved. Depending on the age of your toilet or piping system we may be able to clear any obstruction with our toilet snake, however if the blockage is further in your drainage line we also have the tools to investigate and solve that problem also.

Quick!! Who do you call? How about a tried, tested and true company, one that holds a valued clientele across the GTA. That being Anta Plumbing.

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  • Replace old lead pipe
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