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Signs of blocked drain system

If your drain is blocked you will usually know because your waste will stop going away when you flush the toilet, or gullies outside will overflow. There will also probably be a bad smell. Drains may block because they are in poor physical condition and normal contents are not being cleared. They may be in satisfactory condition but have been abused by flushing away disposable nappies or other items such as plastic bags that should never be placed into the sewerage system. Excessive disposal of cooking fats and oils, along with other domestic products and DIY materials such as plaster, can cause blockage of the pipe work. Tree roots entering a broken drain can also be a problem.

Should I use a drain cleaning chemical on my blocked or slow drain?

Sometimes drain cleaners work very well, and these chemicals have the "magic bullet" appeal: pour chemicals into your slow or clogged sink or tub and wait for the chemicals to dissolve the blockage. Products work, and chemicals are especially suited for certain types of clogs such as hair or grease clogging.

But!!! if you are going to end up having to use a toilet plunger or plumbing snake, and if you've already poured a drain cleaner into the fixture, you may have a difficult situation as many drain cleaning products are toxic or caustic and can cause burns or poisoning. So you might want to try using a toilet plunger before using the drain cleaner.

You asked for ... Plumbing, Drain, Water supply line services

Anta Plumbing is your City of Toronto licensed plumber contracting company, providing regular maintenance and emergency plumbing services around the clock. From preventive drain services to waterproofing, and water supply line installation and repairs, you can rely on our team of expert Toronto plumbers to deliver complete service excellence.

Our Anta Plumbing for You website receives hundreds of questions every week, ranging from general plumbing advice to plumbing tips, professional opinions, and consultation requests.

Since many clients have similar plumbing questions, we decided to open a new section for our "MOST POPULAR PLUMBING AND DRAIN QUESTIONS". We hope that you will find information the plumbing information you need right here at Anta Plumbing for You.

If you need more information or you want to book an appointment with our Master Plumber please call at 416 231 3331.

IMPORTANT: If you don't know how to stop water running call right us away to prevent water damage to your house.


Shut off plumbing system
Water hammer
Leaky faucet
Toilet Rebate
Main water shut off valve inside the house is leaking
Hard water treatment
Ultraviolet (UV) light water filtration


Shut off drain system
Why is there a sewer smell in our house?
My drain doesn't work how it is suppose to do. Is it any way I can find out with no digging?
How do I know if I have a blocked drain?

Hydro Jet. Waterjetting.

Clean your pipes from grease and oil
Unclogging sediments, mineral deposits in water lines

Water supply line

Trenchless water line repair toronto
I want to change my old galvanized pipes in my house with copper?
I don't have enough water to use washroom and laundry on the same time

Sump pump

Pump is not working
Do I need it?


How does weeping tile work

Why is there a sewer smell in our house?


The most common cause of a sewer smell in the house is a dry p-trap, the curved pipe that is usually filled with water as a seal to hold out sewer gas. Traps may require periodic cleaning to dislodge clogs that prove too stubborn for plunging or removing with a plumber's snake. Replacement can be be done with disconnecting the trap with water-pump pliers, clean out the debris, and reinstall the trap. If you decided to clean the trap with a chemicals take extra precautions because chemicals can damage the drain pipe if they are not plastic.

Another source of offensive odors can come from your kitchen garbage disposal. If you try to add bleach or baking soda to the disposal and it does not work it may be the rubber ring around the disposal opening. Over time this rubber ring can collect gunk and since it is damp can create odors. To clean the rubber ring, scrub it thoroughly on the top and bottom with a brush with firm bristles or a rage. For both of these cleaning items use some type of antibacterial cleaner.
Hydro Jetting is another option to clean your drain pipes (main line or branches) from grease and sediments. To keep your drain clean is very important to save money on repairs and replacements. Call and ask our Technician about Hydro Jet procedure. You can find more information about water jetting on our information page

Hydro Jetting is another option to clean your drain pipes (main line or branches) from grease and sediments. To keep your drain clean is very important to save money on repairs and replacements. Call and ask our Technician about Hydro Jet procedure. You can find more information about water jetting on our information page HYDRO JET

My drain doesn't work how it is suppose to do. Is it any way I can find out with no digging?

Most older homes that do not have an ABS or PVC sewer line will eventually have this problem. To find out the problem we do video camera inspection. And you will see on a monitor screen everything what is going on inside of the drain pipe. Later we can use cleaning snake or use other solution to help you out.

I want to change my old galvanized pipes in my house with copper?

Replacing your old pipes can increase your water pressure, stop your faucet screens from clogging up with rust and may even improve the color and taste of your water. You can find more information about lead pipe on Pipes in our houses Page

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I don't have enough water to use washroom and laundry on the same time

If you feel that you don't have enough water pressure, speak to our Master Plumber about the possibility to increase the amount of water by installing a new supply line with a bigger pipe diameter. Most houses in Toronto and GTA have 1/2" water supply lines. We can install 3/4" copper pipe or even 1" pipe to have enough water for your needs.

How do I know if I have a blocked drain?

Blocked drains are usually noticeable by the fact that the toilet will no longer flush away your waste or the manhole covers outside are overflowing. Another identifying factor of blocked drains is often the smell that the blockage emits.

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Shutting down the Plumbing System

At one time or another, you may need to put all of the fixtures, appliances, faucets and pipes in your plumbing system out of operation. When you do major repairs or installations that call for cutting into the main pipes, or when you need to clear and recharge water-logged air chambers, you must both shut off the incoming water and drain out the existing supply before you can start work.

When you leave a house empty and unheated for the winter, you must also weatherproof the system to protect it from bursting in freezing temperatures.

Whatever the occasion, be sure to reserve a few gallons of water for drinking or cooking before you shut off the supply. If you are about to winterize a summer home, draw enough extra water to prepare an antifreeze mix that you will need to protect the traps. In order to drain your system efficiently follow this check list:

  • Cut off the house water supply by closing the main shutoff valve.

  • Turn off the gas or electricity to the boiler and the water heater.

  • Siphon the water out of the tub of the clothes washer.

If you have hot-water heat, open the drain faucet on the boiler and let the water flow into the floor drain.

Next, open all of the radiator valves before removing an air vent from the radiator on the top floor so that air will replace the water as it drains into the boiler.

Working floor by floor, starting at the top, open all hot and cold water faucets - including all tubs, showers and outdoor faucets - and flush all toilets.

Open the drain faucets on the water heater and the water treatment equipment, if you have any.

Finally, open the drain faucet on the main supply line to release any water that may remain in the pipes.

At this stage, your plumbing system will be adequately drained for repair or remodelling work. If you are closing the house for the winter, take additional precautions. Walk through the house to make sure every place where water can collect is drained

I am getting a foul odor from a bathroom in the basement. We hardly ever use this bathroom except when we have company. This is embarrassing. What can we do?

Plumbing systems are designed to prevent foul odors from entering the house by means of the trap attached to fixtures. Traps contain water to seal out foul odors; if the water seal evaporates, the odors enter the house. To solve this problem temporary, pour a bucket of water in each trap, sink, shower and floor drain. This will prevent the odors from entering the house.

The permanent solution call AnTa Technician and he will check plumbing system with CCTV and find the problem.

Water hammer

A water hammer is a pressure wave in drain pipes, which occurs when an outlet is closed suddenly. Found in long runs of pipe, the water hammer creates a destructive energy that is exerted on the pipe, fittings and faucets. This energy can be amplified by piping that is not properly connected or braced. Faucets being closed quickly cause water to hammer with relatively low water pressure in the piping system that causes damage to plastic fill valves in water closets. Call Anta Plumbing to install water hammer arrestors to stop noises and damage to the water pipe.

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Leaky faucet

1) Turn off the water supply. Look for a shutoff valve under the sink. If there is not one for the fixture, turn off the water at the main shutoff valve. It may be located near the water meter, in the basement or crawl space.

2) Protect the sink basin against chipping from tools by lining it w/ a towel.

3) As you work, remember to line up the parts in order as you take the faucet apart. This will help you reassemble it correctly.

4) Remove the handle screws (which may be under a decorative button) using a Phillips head or standard blade screwdriver. The handle lifts straight up or out & off.

5) Use adhesive or friction tape around the packing nut to protect it. Remove the packing nut w/ a crescent wrench or pliers.

6) Slip the handle back on the stem & turn the handle to loosen the stem. If the stem doesn't back out when you turn the handle, use your fingers, pliers or adjustable wrench.

7) Remove the screw at the bottom of the stem. Use penetrating oil, if needed. Remove the old washer & replace w/ a new one of the same size & shape. While the faucet stem is out, you may wish to check the packing, o-ring or packing washer for replacement. Leaks around faucets handles or at the base of the faucet may occur when these parts are worn.

8) Older faucets may use packing, usually a string like material that serves as a washer between the stem & the cap. Remove the old packing & wind new packing string clockwise around the stem to form the seal. If the older faucet uses self-forming packing, a ready-made packing washer that fits may be used as a replacement. Push the packing washer onto the stem as far as it will go & screw the nut over it, clockwise.

9) If the faucet is a newer model, replace the packing washer or o- ring.

10) Clean off all dirt & steel wool residue.

11) Reassemble the faucet. When you tighten the assembly w/ wrench or pliers, don't use too much pressure. That can strip the threads & cause the faucet to leak.

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Toilet Rebate

Replace your old water-guzzling toilet with a new water efficient model and reap the rewards. Get money back, save on your water bill and reduce water use. A typical toilet can guzzle up to 20 litres of water in a single flush, but an ultra-low flush toilet does just as great a job with 6 litres! The City is offering Toronto residents living in detached houses, semis, duplexes (including buildings with up to six units), individual condo units, and townhouses a $60 or $75 cash incentive to replace a high water use toilet with a City-selected water efficient model.

Business replacement. Changing your building's toilets makes 'cents'. Receive up to $150 for every old toilet that you replace in your business or multi-unit residential property. Some buildings have successfully saved water and money

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Toronto home main water shut off valve inside the house is leaking

Main shut off valve needs to be replaced with new one as fast as possible, otherwise your water bill will be extremely high and it will damage the floor in your basement. One day the leakage can increase in volume and full basement will be destroyed.

Hydro JET. How to unclog drain from cooking oil?

Kitchen sink can be clogged because of grease and oil. Drain snaking is temporary solution only. Hydro Jet will wash your pipe inside from grease, oil and sediments. 100% garanteed! To find out more about waterjetting check the special page Hydro JET

Unclogging sediments with HYDRO JET

This is the only way to clean pipe from sediments - HYDRO Jet. This powered machine is taking away all sediments and grease in a couple hours. Fast solution, clean like brand new pipe, you don't have to excavate the pipe and replace it! You can use your facilities for long time and forget about blockages. Hydro JET

Hard water treatment

When water is referred to as 'hard' this simply means, that it contains more minerals than ordinary water. These are especially the minerals calcium and magnesium. The degree of hardness of the water increases, when more calcium and magnesium dissolves.This is the cause of the fact that soap doesn't really dissolve in hard water.

The best way to soften water is to use a water softener unit and connect it directly to the water supply. Salt is usually added to the reservoir during regeneration of the softener. The more often a softener is regenerated, the more often salt needs to be added.

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Ultraviolet (UV) light water filtration

As with all water purification devices, the decision to buy any product should be based on how that product will impact water quality. That is, decide what you need to fix in your water, and then start looking for a product that will solve your problem. Not all water filtration or purification devices are created equal. Some products are designed to remove sediment, while some products will remove chemicals from the water. Other devices are designed to remove biological contamination. In the case of a UV system it is the latter. Anybody who is concerned about possible or proven microbiological contamination in their drinking water should consider a UV system. Do not look to UV to remove any chemicals from water nor to improve the taste and odor of the water. It simply isn't designed for either.

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Sump pump Maintenance

How often I have to check the pump? Every 6 month check your pump, clean sump pit from debris, check all moving parts, check valve, put clear water, listen the noises from pump motor. If you will check every 6 month your sump pit, pump your system will work for many years with no problem. Otherwise motor can be damaged and you will need to install new pump or even have a case as repair damaged floor in your basement.

Broken Pump

If you hear strange noises from motor, or can feel burn smell you better check the sump pit as fast as possible. You sump pump can be broken. Reinstall new pump as fast as possible to prevent flooding in your basement. Its' a big variety of pumps in a market, ask your Plumber what is the best solution for your case. Some pumps are 1/2HP, some 1/3HP, brand names are different and warranty

Do I need a pump?

You do need to install sump pit and sump pump if you have down spouts connected to sewer system, you will have to put downspouts branch to sump pump. If you have waterproofing done (inside or outside), weeping tile needs to be connected to sump pump to discharge water outside. To install sump pit and sump pump is covered by City of Toronto. You will get 80% of your money back. Check our information page about REBATES form City of Toronto. Check our infomation page about REBATES form City of Toronto.

How does weeping tile work

A weeping tile is a porous pipe used for underground drainage. The pipe is typically plastic with small slits cut lengthwise into it. It is buried and surrounded by aggregate larger than the slits. The aggregate rocks prevent excessive soil from falling through the slits into the weeping tile. Weeping tile is below the footing around the full perimeter of the foundation wall and covered by clear stone. With this arrangement, water in the surrounding soil above the weeping tile flows into the weeping tile. The weeping tile then drains into a storm sewer or a sump pump.

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Trenchless water supply line installation

Anta Plumbing Inc. does installation with piercing tool known as "torpedo". Our installation keep your landscaping, sidewalks, flower pads as is. To install the new line we will need to make one small hole on a property line. To find out more information about water supply line installation please check our Water Service Page.

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