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No-Digging Technology

Cured-in-Place Method - Lining

Torpedo method

Anta Plumbing & Drain Contractor use piercing tools (torpedo) for water lines installation. Piercing tools are ideal for installing utilities under existing landscapes and / or structures such as your driveway, sidewalk, garden, and patio, causing minimal disruption. City of Toronto licensed plumbers use pneumatic-powered tools to create a small hole that allows us to install underground water lines while keeping your landscape and hardscape intact.


Torpedo technology allows us make new tunnels underground with no massive excavation. The torpedo equipment drills a tunnel in the soil to allow us to install new plumbing systems. Powered by a compressor, the torpedo is powered forward at 200 psi, leaving the channel. It also caters for diameters ranging from 2" - 4". Electricians frequently require conduit installed in a pipe, but cables located under the paving which makes installation impossible. Torpedo drilling can assist them in providing power to their clients' properties with no damage to the landscape, walls or floors. Check out this video showing how we use torpedo technology to create an underground trench for a new pipe:

Pipe bursting method

Pipe Bursting

Anta Plumbing Inc. is licensed drain and plumbing company fully equipped with the latest trenchless technology known as pipe bursting system. Repair or replace the sewer or water lines can be done with minimal disturbance to your yard, patio and/or driveway.

Pipe bursting is a relatively new trenchless method which allows you to replace existing utility, water and sewer piping that is either worn out or incapable of meeting the needs.

Pipe bursting represents the ideal pipe rehabilitation solution for replacing and upsizing the capacity of existing pipelines while avoiding the economic and social costs of traditional methods.

This method can used when pipes are clay or we making chanel in a soil directly.

To find solution for your drain project please call us to discuss details.

Pipe replacement

Pipe bursting is a technique for replacing pipes by breaking them open from within, while a sleeve or a new pipe is simultaneously pulled in behind the bursting tool. Pipe bursting consists of a bursting tool which moves through the existing pipeline, applying radial forces to break open or split the pipe.

The pipe bursting method of pipe replacement compares well with replacement because it is:

Pipe Burst Head

- Less costly
- Safer then trench method
- Faster
- Less disruptive to the environment

This technique bursts the old pipe and in so doing displaces the fragmented old pipe into the surrounding soil. This creates a hole of roughly the same dimension as the original. If a larger diameter pipe is to be installed a larger 'expanding cone' is used to increase the size of the hole. Once done, the new pipe is pushed or pulled into position

Lining method. Cured-in-place lining

Anta Plumbing offer you a cost effective alternative to traditional "dig" methods of pipe replacement. Epoxy pipe lining is also known as "Cured In Place Piping". In most cases, using our epoxy pipe lining system, our technicians can replace underground pipe, sewers and storm drains without disturbing any surface materials. Possible areas where the epoxy pipe lining method will be most useful to repair and replace pipes,include:

- Driveways just repaired, re-furbished, re-paved
- Landscaping is too expensive to re-do
- Porches on a way to reach the broken pipe
- Sidewalks made from interlocking or solid paving as asphalt
- Floors are too expensive to rip apart and to be fixed after
- Areas with electrical and gas lines located right above or under the pipe
- Water lines near sprinkler systems
- Roadways
- Busy parking lots

Tree roots in a pipe Lined pipeLining is stonger then PVC or ABS, covering walls complitesly and blocking cracks, brocken portions, etc. You will have new sewer system with no excavation at all. For lining we just need an access as clen-outs, maybe access through opening.

Drain relining can be applied to any pipe depending on access and logistical considerations. in single lengths or in a series of shorter, overlapping liners (for exmaple we have Y-connection on a way because weeping tile connections from one of the branches was right at the lenght we apply liner)

Various methods are used to cure the resin-impregnated liner so that it hardens - hot water, ambient, or UV lighting. We use air under the pressure to make the reaction happened and hold the filter on a walls till moment fo become solid pipe.

Sewer system problems

Camera inspection to drain pipe

Symptoms of sewer line problems include toilet and drain backup, and odor or water on the ground. If several plumbing fixtures are problematic, it generally means that wastewater is not leaving the building properly through the sewer, due to blockage, or possibly a shifted or broken pipe. Also, if you detect a foul smell outside the building and/or water is seeping out of the ground in the suspected area of the septic system, you may have problems, even if there is no problem with the plumbing inside.
Camera for drain pipe

Anta Plumbing's licensed plumbers use video drain inspection to investigate your sewer pipe located underground. You will be able to see the conditions right on a screen.

Video drain inspection and leak detection technology can locate the point for excavation by using a special transmitter. Instead of wasting time digging trenches, we will know exactly where the pipe has to be replaced and re-installed. This system is known to avoid mistakenly excavating spots, and saves the costs and labor required for digging trenches.

Video sewer inspection is very useful for new homeowners, and new property managers to check the conditions of sewer pipe and storm drain before making their final decision to buy a property. Be aware! It is in your interest to get camera inspection done in order to protect your budget against additional spending.

Lining trailer. Anta Plumbing

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