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Pipe Repair Service toronto

Anta Cast Iron Pipe


What kind of pipes do you have in your house?

Cast iron has superior noise suppression, which significantly reduces the sounds caused by fluid transmission, expansion and contraction. Cast iron is extremely fire resistant and will not produce toxic gases. This metal is ideal for plumbing pipes, as it is extremely strong and durable and also corrosion resistant.

However, cast iron is also heavy, which increases the cost of manufacture and labour costs. Used in most older homes, cast iron pipes the plumbing standard until ABS became the preferred material used for residential plumbing pipes. Cast iron pipe is awkward, heavy, and difficult to cut and we recommend that you call professional licensed plumbers to work on your cast iron pipes.

Sections of damaged cast iron pipe are commonly replaced with ABS that is lighter and easier to handle.

DIY Emergency Pipe Repairs

Pipes tend to spring leaks on Saturday nights, after your friendly Toronto plumber has left for the annual union banquet. You could call an emergency plumber or a 24 hour plumber, or you could wait until morning to call a City of Toronto licensed plumber to come have a look at your leaking pipe.

Fortunately, there are some simple fixes that you can easily put together from the junk box on a workbench, and they will tide you over until you can get a permanent leak repair.

Often the first sign of a leaking pipe will be a spreading stain on a wall or ceiling, or a puddle on the floor.

If you're lucky, you can anticipate water damage and keep it to a minimum. Where leaking pipes are concealed above the ceiling and a water stain is visible, place a waterproof drop cloth on the floor and position a catch basin under the wet area.

If water is leaking from a ceiling light fixture, shut off the electricity and drain the fixture by removing its cover. Poke a hole through the ceiling or remove a section of it to let any remaining water drain out. Stand out of the way!

An application of epoxy glue or plastic tape is the quickest emergency procedure to keep a leaking pipe from causing too much water damage. But before trying any DIY plumbing remedy, make sure the pipe surface is dry enough for adhesives or sleeves to hold.

In the case of a leaking supply pipe that is not frozen, completely drain and dry the affected section if possible - a hair drier does a quick job. Damaged pipes that are frozen should be left unthawed and undrained until patching is completed. Drainpipes, unlike supply pipes, are not under pressure and normally contain no water unless a fixture is in use.

Plumbing Repair Step-by-Step

  • Cut off the house water supply by closing the main shutoff valve.

  • Turn off the gas or electricity to the boiler and the water heater.

  • Siphon the water out of the tub, dish washer or the clothes washer.

    If you have hot water, open the drain faucet on the boiler and let the water flow into the floor drain. Next, open all of the radiator valves. Then remove an air vent from a radiator on the top floor so that air will replace the water as it drains into the boiler.

    Working floor by floor, starting at the top, open all hot and cold water faucets - including all tubs, showers and outdoor faucets - and flush all toilets.

    Open the drain faucets on the water heater and the water treatment equipment, if you have any.

    Finally, open the drain faucet on the main supply line to release any water that may remain in the pipes.

    Once you have removed any potential risk factors for water damage, be sure to contact a professional plumber to repair the pipes properly in order to avoid another midnight plumbing emergency.

Anta Toilet Installation

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