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Plumbing Drain Services

Low water pressure

Increase water pressure

First, check to see if aerator screens or water-saving devices are clogged. Remove the heads from the affected faucets, and test the water flow. If that solves the problem, you can just replace the clogged pieces.

Upgrade water supply line with copper

AnTa Plumbing Inc.

AnTa Plumbing Team are professional Plumbers and experienced Technicians. We are very proud to serve our community and offer the latest technology on the market.

Plumbing Repairs & Installation Services in Toronto

Plumbing, Drain, Water supply line services

Anta Plumbing and Drain provides general plumbing, draining, waterproofing, and basement lowering. We offer reasonable prices and the highest quality workmanship. We provide a range of services, from the smallest partial repairs all the way to large combined remodeling projects. Our service is not only focused on technical work, but we pay attention to all our customers’ plumbing and drain (sewer) or water supply line requirements.

Anta Plumbing Services

- Plumbing Toilet Services
- Plumbing Toilet Snaking
- Plumbing Toilet Installation
- Plumbing Toilet Leak Repair

- Plumbing Bath Tub Installation
- Plumbing Bath Tub Drain Cleaning
- Plumbing Bath Tap Leak Repair and Installation

- Plumbing. Increase Water Pressure
- Plumbing Water Service Installation
- Plumbing Water Hummer Installation
- Plumbing Water Meter Relocation
- Plumbing Copper Pipe Installation Instead of
  Lead Pipes

- Draining. City Rebate On Tree Root
- Draining. CCTV. Camera Inspection
- Draining. Drain Snaking
- Draining. French Drain Installation

- Draining. Sump Pumps New Installation
- Draining. Sump Pumps Replacement
- Draining. Ejector Pump New INstallation
- Draining. Ejector pump replacement

- Waterproofing. Outside. Foundation Walls
- Waterproofing. Inside. Basement Protection

- Plumbing Kitchen Sink Snaking
- Plumbing Kitchen Faucet Installation
- Plumbing Kitchen Faucet Leak Repair

- Plumbing Garbage Disposer Cleaning
- Plumbing Installation of Taps, Tubs,
  Sinks and Toilets
- Plumbing Installation of Dishwashers,
  Laundry Fixtures

- Draining. All Types of Pipe Repair and/or
- Draining. Pipe Snaking and
  Video Camera Inspection

- Draining. Back Flow Preventer Installation
- Draining. Backwater Valve Installation
- Draining. Basement Flooded Solutions
- Draining. Replacement of Main Building Trap
- Draining. Floor Drain and New Rough-in
- Draining. High Pressure Power Jetting
- Draining. Preventive Maintenance
- Draining. Main Drain Lines(branches)

- Water Service.New Water Service Line
- Water Service.Prevention Water Leakages
- Water Service.Upgrade Water Supply Lines
- Water Service.Water Meter Relocation
- Water Service.Increase Water Line Pressure

Anta Toilet Installation

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