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Waterproofing. Basement Leak

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Waterproofing Warnings

A wet basement is a common problem in all types of basements. A dry basement will protect the investment you made in your home as well as allow you to use the space for storage or as additional living space. Water leakage is a serious problem that can destroy your property. You don't want to work there and you discourage your children from playing there. Excessive moisture can also create a breeding ground for insects, mould and mildew, not only unpleasant but a potential health hazard. Fungus and mould can contribute to chronic colds and respiratory ailments.

Why your foundation is leaking?

Low tempterature - Rain - Crack

When rain falls and then water freezes it gets in to existing micro-cracks in the foundation. It then freezes and expands causing a separation in the wall of the foundation allowing water to seep in and cause basement leaks.

Old weeping tile

Weeping tiles are getting old and plugged with sand and dirt. 50 years ago weeping tile was a separate clay pipes 4 feet long with holes for water entrances. With time holes are getting blocked by dirt, pipes start shifting to each other. As a result weeping tile is not working and grey water changes direction forward to your basement (low pressure)

Anta Waterproofing


Whether you have a leaking basement, cracks in the foundation, or other settling and foundation problems. Anta Plumbing, has been Toronto, Mississauga, Etobicoke and GTA basement waterproofing and foundation repair professionals for over 15 years. All of our basement waterproofing and foundation solutions using the last technology on the market. Our crews are clean and professional, guaranteeing a clean efficient job every time.

Call today to have one of our trained professional Technician for Free Estimate - Main Office to book an appoinment - 416 231 3331

How you can see that you need water proof?

- Water seepage from your basement walls or floors.

- General dampness in your basement.

- Warped paneling or dry rot.

- Cracks in your basement walls or floors.

- Mildew or fungus.

- A musty odor originating from your basement.

- White powder on your basement walls.

- Peeling paint on your basement walls.

- Buckling or bowing basement walls.

Did you see signs of waterproofing problem at your house? Call our Technician to have a consultation.

Weeping Tile

A weeping tile is a porous pipe used for underground drainage. The pipe is typically plastic with small slits cut lengthwise into it. It is buried and surrounded by aggregate larger than the slits. The aggregate rocks prevent excessive soil from falling through the slits into the weeping tile. Weeping tile is located below the footing around the full perimeter of the foundation wall and covered by 3/4 clear stone.With this arrangement, water in the surrounding soil above the weeping tile flows into the weeping tile. The weeping tile then drains into a storm sewer or a sump pump.

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