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Anta Plumbing Inc. is Best choice for professional Toronto plumbing and drain services. Local Plumber. Drain cleaning. Camera Inspection for drain pipes.
Reliable 24/7 Commercial & Residential Plumbing Services. Plumber in Toronto, Plumber in Etobicoke, Mississauga, North York, Scarborough, Markham, Brampton, Oakville

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Toronto Plumbing & Drain local Services


Professional Plumber Toronto Services

Getting things done right the first time around at a price you can live with is what we do at Anta Plumbing. Our highly trained, licensed and bonded Toronto plumbers are experts at at all the plumbing projects you may ever encounter. Whether it's something smaller in the home like a clogged drain, bigger jobs like the main water lines under your business that need replacing, or even a commercial or residential renovation or something in between, we have the Toronto plumbing services that are dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction.

A Plumber Toronto Service That Quotes Onsite

Our Toronto plumbers work within your budget. Not only will we come to where you are especially in emergencies, and our certified experts will quote the job onsite to keep things transparent and your costs down. We supply innovative Toronto water services that can get to the root of the problem and it doesn't matter whether it's a burst pipe inside the walls or a clogged length of drain under your home - we can handle it.

When you need timely efficient Toronto plumbing services, we're dedicated to getting the job done right the first time here at Anta Plumbing. Call 416.231.3331

AnTa Plumbing Inc. are Toronto Licensed Plumbers and Drain Technicians.
Our plumbing company specializes in plumbing and drain systems services in Toronto and GTA:

Are you in the Greater Toronto Area: North York, East York, Markham, Scarborough, Etobicoke, Richmond Hill, Brampton, or Vaughan area and have a clogged toilet, sink, sewer or any other kind of plumbing problem?

Do you want a Toronto plumbing professional to take care of it fast and professionally?

We are the plumber in toronto ready to help you 24/7.

Anta Plumbing Inc. is dedicated to providing great service with outstanding customer satisfaction.

Our Plumbers will fix all your Toronto plumbing, drain and water services needs quickly and efficiently at affordable prices.

Our company specializes in plumbing services, drain cleaning, upgrading water supply lines, changing pressure in your plumbing system, relocating water meters, and even changing lead pipes to copper pipes using the No-Digging Technology.

We use the most advanced technology to provide high quality service.

CCTV Drain Camera Inspection


We don't have to excavate to locate collapsed pipes or those damaged by roots. Our drain camera is designed for inspection of pipes from 3 inches in diameter.

See the problem for yourself on a colour screen or just take advice from our Plumbing Toronto professionals about the most effective way to fix the problem or prevent backups and drain blockages.

If you'd like to locate pipes before renovating just to make sure you're not going to damage the drain system, call for assistance using our CAMERA INSPECTION!

Buying a house? Call for CAMERA INSPECTION to check the drain system before you seal the offer; you can save yourself thousands and thousands of dollars.

Don't trust words -see the problem yourself. Our CAMERA INSPECTION is the easy and simple solution to avoid hidden problems.

Trenchless Torpedo Pipe Bursting

New Technology - Trenchless - Torpedo & Pipe Bursting

Anta Plumbing Inc. is a trenchless sewer replacement contractor specializing in:

With fast response times, competitive rates, and reliable service, we are your number one source for Toronto plumbing and drain services.

Plumber Tips to Prepare the Plumbing or Drain Repair - Shut Off Plumbing System

At one time or another, you may need to shut off all of the plumbing fixtures, plumbign appliances, kitchen or laundry faucets and pipes in your plumbing or drain system.

Major plumbing repairs or drain installations that call for cutting into the main plumbing pipes or clearing and recharging water-logged air chambers are just two of the scenarios where you must shut off the incoming water and drain out the existing supply before starting work.

When you leave a house empty and unheated for the winter, you must also weatherproof the system to protect pipes from bursting in freezing temperatures.

Take a few minutes to read about shutting the plumbing system down on our plumber tips page

Need a Plumber?- Anta Plumbing Inc.

Join the Ranks of Satisfied Customers
"The crew showed up when they said they would.There was no mess inside or outside of my residence. My wife was impressed by this. The crew was polite and courteous at all times. Once again he was right on time and a pleasure to have in my house. In the future I would recommend your company to anyone that requires your services. Please pass my thanks to all involved with this project. My apology for not remembering all their names."
5 / 5 stars
Plumbing Services
by: Aron M.
"Just wanted to follow up, and let you know that I really appreciated the knowledge and integrity of the technicians you sent out this morning. In speaking with them about the planned renovations, and the impact to the drains, they were able to provide an insightful recommendation...Thanks again for your great service."
Jeff K.
"I would like to express my appreciation for your help with this install, everything went smoothly and it was a pleasure to deal with your company."
Liz and Dwaine
"I'm taking this opportunity to thank Tony and his crew for completing the plumbing at my house, Toronto..Great job!"

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Plumbing Repairs

General Plumbing Services

Plumbing Services
  • Kitchen Plumbing
  • Sink backup
  • Snaking kitchen sink
  • Toilet repair
  • Toilet installation
  • Toilet snaking
  • Toilet blocked
  • Bathrooms Plumbing
  • Shower drain
  • Water leak
  • Sump pump
  • Grease tank installation
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Drain Cleaning and Repair

Drain (Sewer) Services

Drain Cleaning
  • Trenchless installation
  • Pipes repair
  • Clogged Drains
  • Drain snaking
  • Backwater valve installation
  • Slow drain
  • Hydro Jet (Water jetting)
  • Drain Snaking
  • Drain Cleaning
  • Tree roots removal
  • Drain Rebate
  • New rough-ins
  • Video Camera Inspection
  • Drain inspection
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New Water Supply Pipe

Water supply line

Water pipe installation
  • Trenchless installation (torpedo)
  • Low water pressure problems
  • New copper water line
  • Burst pipe repair
  • Main shut off valve installation
  • Broken pipe repair
  • Replace old lead pipe
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Water Jetting

Cut roots, clean drain, grease out with NO-DIGGING!

Hydro Jetting

High Pressure Water Jetting is the best way to clean the drain pipes rather than going for any other process to clean the drain and this process keeps the pipes clean for a longer period with no blockages or backups

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Heating System

Combined heating system

Modulating wallhung boiler An ideal green solution for all heating and domestic hot water needs - BAXI Luna HT
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Compact space saver
  • Emit 90% less CO
  • Can cut utility bills in half
  • Endless hot water on demand
  • Broken pipe repair
  • Automatic self diagnostics
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Keep Your Landscaping

No-Dig (Trenchless) technology, low pressure in a water line, blocked drain, back-ups, leakage

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Plumbing: outdoor tap (faucet)

Do I need to turn-off inside valves that control water flow to outdoor faucets?

When to shut outdoor water pipe in Toronto?

Frozen tap in a winter time

Shut off your outdoor water pipe this week (beginning of December) to prevent frozen pipe. Many people forget to close the cut-off valves to their outdoor faucets. The water that remains in the pipe probably does freeze, but the pipe doen't always split. Sooner or later you will likely have a burst pipe.
Turn off the indoor cut-off valve and leave the outdoor faucet open so there is no standing water that can freeze.

Licensed Plumber services

  • New Plumbing Construction
  • Plumbing Under Inspection
  • Industrial Plumbing
  • Commercial Plumber
  • Plumbing Rough-in Installation
  • Drain Rough-In Installation

All installation followed by Plumbing Code Ontario

How to replace the toilet?

Toilet InstallationEvery family can keep its water bills down - while enjoying the many conveniences of new equipment - by a regular program of repairs and minor alterations.

Replacing an existing toilet with one of the new water-saving models can reduce water consumption by gallons a day - and you can keep the saving at a maximum by a simple adjustment that controls the length of the flush cycle.

To choose a model of toilet which better suits your needs, you should consider a couple of criteria.

Installing a new toilet from scratch takes a good deal of plumbing expertise, but replacing a damaged or old-fashioned one with an up-to-date model is a job any householder can complete in an afternoon.

No major plumbing work is involved.

Let's take couple minutes to take a look at toilet installation diagram. How to install toilet?

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