Trenchless Technology: A Multitude of Benefits

Toronto plumbing contractors have started noticing savvy clients’ need for trenchless technology, and the fact that more consumers opt for companies that are experienced and licensed to perform trenchless technology – companies such as Anta Plumbing. Having performed trenchless plumbing technology services for a number of years now, we are skilled at it, and we use high quality equipment and skilled technicians to provide our services, which is why we count municipalities, utility providers and telecoms companies as some of our clients.

What is Trenchless Technology?

Also known as subsurface construction, trenchless technology requires only a small hole at either end of the problematic pipe, instead of a continuous trench for the length of the section. In recent years, trenchless technology has becoming the preferred choice for clients who needed pipe installation or sewer replacement due to the fact that it offers so many benefits that outweigh the costs to clients.

Here are some of those benefits:

Fewer inconveniences

In many cases, indirect social costs that are common with open trenches are under-estimated, yet they play a critical role in local communities. Trenchless technology keeps urban projects clean and quiet, and at the same time, air pollution, noise pollution and road closures pose none of the disruptions caused by excavating or digging machines.

Lower risk of disturbing existing utilities

Existing underground utilities should be avoided at all cost when digging trenches. Likewise, above-ground activities or surface-level structures may be damaged by standard digging. However, trenchless technology results in limited disruption to business activities, while at the same time significantly reducing the risk of damage to surface structures.

Reduced risk of encountering unknowns underground

Excavation and replacement of the ground around an open excavation accounts to approximately 70% of the cost of the process. It brings about many risks and unknowns, especially if the ground has not been touched for a long time. With trenchless technology, there is much less disruption to the ground.

Save cost and time on survey & design

Open cut trenches require detailed ground surveys, which can be time consuming and financially costly. This process is less comprehensive and less costly when you make use of trenchless technology.

Safer steep excavations

Steep excavations require careful execution and restrictions in order to avoid landslides. It requires specialist equipment. With trenchless technology, there is no risk of landslides, since there are no steep trenches.

Save time

With traditional excavation, you have to dig trenches, complete the repair, and then refill it afterwards. Surface level restoration takes place only once the trenches are refilled. With trenchless technology, there is no disruption at surface level, which means that there is no need to repair the site, divert traffic or refill the trench.

Reduce disruption

Trench digging can result in major disruption to local properties, roads and agricultural land. Trenchless technology, on the other hand, does not cause landscape destruction, and both sewer line repair and new pipe installation can be completed in a fraction of the time and with minimal disruption.

It is clear that the benefits of trenchless technology outweigh that of traditional open cut trench-digging methods of pipe installation and sewer main repair. If you need help with any plumbing repairs, get in touch with Anta Plumbing, your local experts in trenchless technology.

Written by Tanya Klien

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