Best Toilet Seats 2021: The Ultimate Buying Guide

A good toilet seat in your home can add to your living experience, but if you don't have a good seat, you can feel like you're camping. In this post, we're going to arm you with the information you need for a good potty-shopping experience.

Why Buy a Good Toilet

When you consider the function of a toilet, spending a lot of money on it may feel like a grudge purchase. While it's true that a toilet simply flushes away waste, it is important to buy the right toilet, because:

- premium toilets have unique features that set them apart;
- you can save money with every flush;
- bowls stay clean after use;
- a comfortable seat makes for a better experience.

When you buy a new toilet, it's a good idea to look for reviews on which modern toilets are simplest to install, and use, and which ones have the best designs to ensure it fits into your bathroom and your budget.

Benefits of a Quality Toilet and Toilet Seat


The most important thing about a toilet is its ability to flush away waste. Sometimes, it is necessary for a toilet to have more pumping power as the home does not meet the requirements for vertical pumping and that can be problematic.

Saving Water & the Environment

Having the best toilet for your home can help save water (and money!) with every flush without leaving anything behind. Therefore, the right toilet can actually save the environment. Take this one step further with a modern composting toilet, if you wish.

Sound Control

You don't want to announce your successful potty session to the whole world, so it's important that your new toilet offers noise reduction technology.


Finally, comfort is key. You don't want a seat that is cold, hard and bumpy, or sharp. An uncomfortable seat can make impression on your skin.

Anta Plumbing Pick of the 10 Best Toilet Seats

Big John Toilet Seat

This spacious nineteen-inch wide toilet seat minimizes shifting with special stabilizing rubber bumpers.

Kohler Avantis Toilet Seat

This stylish wood grain finish lends itself to a chic design. It also has a quiet closing function to prevent slamming lids.

Toto Toilet Seat

Prevent slamming seats with the Toto's SoftClose hinge design. Available in a beautifully polished brass finish with elegant mounting features.

Kohler Lustra Toilet Seat

Need support getting on and off the toilet? This model will feature support arms to keep you steady.

Brondell LumaWarm Toilet Seat

Keep your bottom wam, and see what you're doing with the blue LED night light that is incorporated in this modern toilet seat.

Spaloo Primus Spa Seat

For a pure bum-warming experience, you can't beat this seat, which uses a remote-controlled seat warmer and air dryer.

Toshiba Toilet Seat

This seat uses infrared to sense that you're using it. It even has an auto-deodorizing feature to keep odors at bay.

Brondell Swash 1000

The endless wide spray warm water washing feature lends itself to a more hygienic experience.

Kohler Toilet Seat

This feature-rich toilet seat uses remote control for seat heating, warm air drying, and control deodorizing.

Lotus Luxury Toilet Bidet Seat

The ultimate in natural relief for stomach issues, this seat uses concentrated streams of water to improve constipation.

Need help choosing the perfect toilet seat? Anta Plumbing has experience in installing these and other toilet seats. Get in touch with us for the best prices and expert installation.

Written by Anta

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