Knowing When to Call a Professional Drain Service

Blocked drains are one of the most annoying and inconvenient household maintenance issues that you can experience. If they occur as the result of roots in the drain lines, you might have to dig up your garden to get to the root of the problem (pun intended!). After digging up your lawn, patio and driveway, you'll be stuck with a costly and unsightly mess, which will require hiring more contractors to repair the damage.

What if I told you that you may not need to dig up the garden to clean your drains? That's correct. A professional drain service knows how to clean your drains and remove tree root infestations without having to dig up your garden and without damaging your pipes, joints and fixtures.

How Pros Clear Clogged Drains

When you call in a professional drain cleaning service that uses modern plumbing technology, you will notice the difference immediately. Instead of shovels, they will arrive with a set of rooters or augers. These augers with attached spinning blades are entered into your drain where they will cut up and remove any tree roots and other obstructions that could cause blockages.

Only professional drain service specialists should handle this equipment in order to avoid further damage to your drains and plumbing system as a whole.

Call a Professional Drain Service Right Away

It is important to call a professional drain service at the first sign of blocked drains. A professional, licensed plumber will be able to quickly assess, diagnose and repair the issue.

You don't have to call a drain service if you're able to reach the blockage with an auger, but if it is too far down the line, or if you're afraid that you may damage your plumbing system, it is best to get in touch with the pros.

Signs You May Need a Professional Drain Service


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  • Water backing up in the shower.
  • Slow-draining tub or basin.
  • Unusual sounds coming from fixtures.
  • Bad odors rising from drains.
  • Puddles occurring at the bottom of kitchen sinks and bathroom fixtures.
  • Water bubbling up or gurgling in the toilet when the tub water is let out, or vice versa.
  • Toilets that overflow.
  • Sewer water that backs up into baths, showers or sinks.


When you have any of these symptoms, your sewer issue is already pretty advanced and should be seen to right away.

Drain Services: Do I Need Sewer Repair or Replacement?

If your plumbing system is in a reasonable state of repair and relatively new, drain cleaning or repair is often a viable option. If you call Anta Plumbing, we will inspect the situation and offer non-destructive methods for repairing your drains.

However, if the pipes are damaged or collapsed, you will want it repaired to prevent further damage to the rest of your system. It is important to hire a licensed plumber with the required permits to replace your drains according to the city's building code regulations.

When you call Anta Plumbing, you know that everything is taken care of and that you have experts in your corner. They will make an assessment as to whether replacing a section of the pipe or the entire pipe is needed using modern plumbing technology, such as video sewer inspection equipment. Get in touch with Anta Plumbing today for reliable, high quality drain services.

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