Tips to Fix Low Pressure in Your Shower Head

There is nothing more relaxing than a hot shower after a hard day’s work. However, a shower head with low pressure can be extremely frustrating in such a moment. I am sure about the fact that many of the readers have gone through the inconvenience of having to deal with low pressure in a shower head. Luckily, it is not too difficult to fix water pressure deficit in a shower.

Before trying to fix your shower, it is important to note that in some cases, low water pressure in a shower can be attributed to its inbuilt design. Some showers are designed to operate at a low pressure to achieve economy in terms of water flow and water bills. Avoid purchasing such showers if you do not like showers with low water flow. However, there are many more factors that may lead to this problem.

At the very beginning, check the water pressure in your water main line. In such cases, the low pressure problem will affect all your fixtures including the showers. Check whether your main line’s flow volume setting is fixed at a low level. You can solve the problem without much hassle just by changing the volume settings in the water main line.

Low water pressure in showers is often caused by a device called flow constrictor. The function of flow constrictors is to reduce the water pressure and most shower heads are equipped with this device. If your shower has a flow constrictor fitted, you can increase the water pressure by removing the device. In order to do that, check what kind of attachment is fitted to your shower head. Most of the flow constrictors are attached to the water supply pipeline with a screw. Remove your shower head and locate the constrictor. Pull out the constrictor to ensure higher water flow for your shower head.  Fix the shower head back to its place later.

If the water pressure is not improved in spite of removing the constrictor, your problem could be a clogged shower head. To the water pressure, thoroughly clean your shower head and clear all blocked perforations. You can use vinegar and a wire brush for this cleaning operation.

If all these measures fail to deliver the desired water pressure in your shower head, replace your low pressure shower head with a high pressure one. It is always better to opt for the best quality available.

You can also call us to fix your low pressure shower heads because we have been offering top notch plumbing service in Toronto since many years. Keep visiting this page because we regularly publish useful articles to help you take care of your everyday plumbing issues.


Written by Tanya Klien

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