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How to Unclog a Bathroom Sink Drain in the Wall

Recently, we've had many calls from people wanting to know how they could remove clogs from their bathroom sink drains. Some have tried some of the methods recommended online, or by friends, and ended up having to call us in. Today, we're going to separate the good advice from the bad and give you some great DIY bathroom drain unclogging tips.

If you've tried to unclog your bathroom sink using a plunger to no effect, it could well be that the clog is located in the p-trap, which is located underneath the sink, usually inside the vanity.

When cleaning the p-trap still doesn't work, the clog is likely deeper inside the drain, inside the wall, and it will require more elbow grease and a whole lot of patience.

Let's take a look at some of the recommended methods:

● Baking Soda + Salt + Vinegar + Hot Water

Baking Soda + Salt + Vinegar + Hot Water
This method is usually very efficient for minor blockages close to the drain hole and into the p-trap. If the clog has not been building for a long time, it may even remove a deeper clog. However, clogs inside the wall usually build over time, and you will see your water draining slower and slower.

● Coat Hanger Snake

Some people combine the baking soda method with a coat hanger to try pull accumulated gunk out of main drainpipes. Due to the size of the coat hanger and the fact that it has a smooth, narrow ending, it is only really efficient at poking and trying to break a reasonably soft blockage.

● Commercial Drain Cleaning Chemicals

Commercial Drain Cleaning Chemicals
Commercial drain cleaners are effective, granted, but they pose too many other risks. Firstly, they should only be used by expert DIYers with knowledge about how plumbing works and who are wearing safety goggles and gloves. The chemicals may shoot up anywhere in the plumbing system, causing burns and spills. It can also cause corrosion in your pipes.

● Wet Vac

Wet Vac
A wet vac can help suck the clog right out. Ensure that there is a tight seal at the opening where you insert the vacuum nozzle, and turn it to full blast. Even if it just loosens it enough for you to manually clear it, you have a good start.

● Air Compressor

Blasting your 1.5" pipe with 90 pounds of air pressure is a good way to release a clog. However, before you start, insert plugs in all the other drains in your house, as they may act as vents for the clogged bathroom sink. You should hear a gurgling sound when the clog is released. Now flush hot boiling water down the drain to dissolve and flush the clog away.

● Drain Snake

Drain Snake
Home supply stores and hardware companies sell inexpensive drain snakes that can be fed down the drain, past the p-trap and into the wall drain pipe. Serrated drain snakes can easily be used to hook the clog, break it and pull it out.

If all else fails, your safest bet is to call your Toronto plumbing experts - Anta Plumbing. We offer a wide range of drain services, and can unclog your bathroom sink drain using hydro jetting or our electrical augers. Proper unclogging will remove hard-to-remove build-up on the insides of your drainpipes, thus stopping it from getting clogged up again soon.

Written by Tanya Klien

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