Why you should avoid chemical drain cleaners

Here at Anta Plumbing, we constantly work with the environment, and we are critically aware of the fact that our planet is fast running out of clean water. For that reason, we strive to use the most environmentally friendly methods to perform our plumbing and drain services.

Manufacturers make drain cleaners seem like miracle products that can remove the toughest clogs in no time, but they are not always the best bet. For starters, they contain harmful chemicals and that's why we don't recommend them to our clients.

Here are just some of the reasons why we avoid drain cleaning chemicals, and why you should, too:

1. Drain Cleaning Chemicals Don't Unclog Any Type of Clog

Unclog Any Type of Clog
Stubborn clogs usually don't budge with the use of chemical drain cleaners, as they are made to destroy only organic materials. These clogs require manual prodding with a drain snake, or powerful hydro jetting. If you start out using chemicals, and then realize that it doesn't work, you would have to ensure that you flush out all the cleaner from the pipes.

2. Drain Cleaning Chemicals Damage Your Septic System

Whatever you do, don't flush the drain cleaner down the toilet, as it will create issues with the septic system.While chemical drain cleaners kill bacteria, your septic system actually needs beneficial bacteria in order to break down the waste. Without it, the process is disrupted and it could lead to system failure.

3. Drain Cleaning Chemicals Damage Your Pipes

Drain cleaning products generate heat, which in turn breaks down clogs before it is removed from your pipes. However, the heat can cause PVC piping to soften, and it can lead to corrosion on metal piping.

The inconvenience of having to replace broken pipes and the expense of repairing damage to your property can quickly put the "saving" you make on using chemicals in perspective.

4. Drain Cleaning Chemicals Can Cause Serious Burns

Chemical drain cleaners destroy all organic matter, including hair and skin, so unless you don't protective gear when you use these drain cleaners, you could sustain serious injuries. We have seen homeowners burned by chemical drain cleaners that shot up from unexpected sources, burning their eyes, skin and hair. Even a small spill from the side of the bottle or a small splatter can cause a lot of harm - it doesn't require a major spill to cause severe chemical burns.

Written by Anta

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