5 Signs You Should Call Your Toronto Plumber

Plumbers may not be everyone's favorite contractor, but just like a doctor, they have their place. Some aspects of your home or business plumbing system requires the services of a professional licensed plumber.

Most homeowners have a few basic tools on hand and DIY experts may know how plumbing works, but some issues are just best left to a professional Toronto plumber.

First things first…

If water is gushing or leaking, before calling your plumber, first locate your main water shut off valve and close it. This will save water, your utility bill and a small fortune in repair costs.

Water Flooding? You Should Call Your Toronto Plumber!

The first, and most obvious reason to call a plumber, would be when you see water wherever it should not be, such as flooding out from under your front door, on your kitchen or bathroom floor, or standing on your lawn. Water flooding is usually a sign of a burst or cracked pipe.

What to do if you see water puddles on your lawn, but you don’t know where it’s coming from? It’s probably from an underground leak, which can go undetected for a long time. Best call your Toronto plumber!

Blocked Sewer Lines? You Should Call Your Toronto Plumber!

Roots in drains
Sometimes, a clog is just too stubborn to remove using the standard tricks of the trade. In many cases, this type of clog is caused by tree roots in the sewer and a plunger simply won't get rid of it. One option is to rent a big sewer rodding machine and risk breaking it or damaging your sewer. It would be better to get hold of a drain services professional.

No Hot Water? You Should Call Your Toronto Plumber!

Being without hot water is unpleasant. You could heat water for your bath on the stove, but modern technology offers us hot water on tap. In most cases, no hot water is caused by a leaking hot water heater tank. Electric hot water heaters can stop heating your water for a number of reasons:

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  • a bad overload switch
  • a faulty thermostat
  • a bad element
  • a tripped circuit breaker
  • or a blown fuse.


Failed igniters or thermocouple burners commonly cause failure to heat water.

Professional plumbers are trained to assess faults on a hot water heater and can install a new one if the old device needs to be replaced.

Low Water Pressure? You Should Call Your Toronto Plumber!

If you noticed low water pressure throughout your home's plumbing system, it could be due to a variety of issues. From low water pressure from a well or from the city's supply to debris and other obstructions in your supply lines. When rust and debris travel from the lines to the faucet aerators, it can cause clogs.

Frozen Pipes? You Should Call Your Toronto Plumber!

Frozen Pipes Burst
Thankfully winter is over now, so there's no reason for your pipes to freeze. However, you may still find cracks that were caused by freezing in winter.

Trying to repair plumbing problems when you don't have the training, experience and correct tools can take up valuable time and cause extensive (and costly!) damage to your plumbing system. Wise homeowners know when it is time to call a plumber.

Written by Anta

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