9 Signs of a Sewer Line Issue

Sewer line problems start out small, but can quickly escalate into severe and costly issues unless you notice it quickly and have it repaired. The best way to combat these issues, is to be proactive and catch the early signs before the sewer pipe fails completely.

1. Musty Odors

If your sewer lines are broken, it may result in musty, foul odors that are produced by the excess moisture on your lawn, or in the floor surfaces or walls of your home. Sewer pipe corrosion will cause moisture pockets that give off a foul smell.

2. Persistent Clogs

One of the most common signs of a broken sewer pipe, is persistent clogs in your home’s drainage system. Sludge or gunk buildup in your drain pipes can result in clogs that lead to nasty backups when the waste becomes stuck. It is important to invest in regular drain cleaning to break down the gunk and prevent it from building up in your sewer pipes.

3. Damp Spots in the Home

If you suspect a break in your sewer pipes, look around your home for damp spots and signs of moisture. Those signs may indicate possible cracks in your sewer lines, or leaks. Act fast if you encounter any such signs, because it could lead to bigger plumbing problems.

4. Old or Neglected Plumbing

Neglected sewer pipes can develop small, unnoticeable cracks or holes that can quickly turn into major issues in no time. Tree roots tend to grow into these cracks in search of moisture and nutrition, further cracking apart the pipe walls. The roots will grow fast in the pipes, causing major destruction.

5. Decreased Water Flow

Water flow is different to pressure. Pressure is the volume of water that enters your home, while flow is the rate at which water leaves your home. Therefore, if your fixtures drain slowly, it is possible you might have a break in your sewer line.

6. Indentations in the Lawn

Do you have sunken spots on your lawns? Broken pipes cause increased moisture that will cause the soil to become softer and easily warped. It is important to see to your pipes as soon as you notice these lawn indentations, as even a small indentation could signal a major broken drain pipe underneath.

7. Lush Spots of Grass

Does one spot of grass seem to be growing much more lush than the rest of your lawn? The additional moisture and nutrition from sewer waste can result in lush growth in affected parts.

With diligent routine self-inspections of your plumbing system, you should be able to notice any alarming changes that might indicate broken sewer pipes and other sewer line issues. Regular maintenance, including drain cleaning, is the best way to prevent major issues and maintain a healthy sewer system.

If you suspect a sewer issue, get in touch with Anta Plumbing today. We offer a range of drain cleaning, sewer maintenance and repair services. Don’t fret about dug up landscaping and driveways, as we offer an innovative new technique known as trenchless pipe repair and replacement which is ideal for sewer lines.

Written by Tanya Klien

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