AC Plumbing: How to Find a Refrigerant Leak

Refrigerant leaks are usually quite forgiving. The air conditioner doesn't burn refrigerant, so a small leak can sometimes be tolerated for several months. Most homeowners don't have small leaks repaired, but instead simply add a dash of refrigerant every year to ensure proper cooling. However, if your air con is leaking more than a few drops, it needs to be repaired right away.

Spotting a leak can be pretty simple. You will note an oily, dusty splotch on the components, or you may notice that the air conditioner is pumping less cool air than it should be doing. However, the leak may also be hidden, which will require the assistance of a skilled, licensed technician.

What You Should Know About Air Con Refrigerant Leaks

When the refrigerant pressure drops, so does the freezing temperature. Large leaks can make you lose your cool - quite literally. Locating and repairing your refrigerant leak is vital, but also challenging, especially if you're an amateur.It's always best to find a repair guy who is capable, experienced, patient, trustworthy and has good judgment - someone like Anta Plumbing's heating and cooling specialist technicians.

Sometimes, the repair involves something as simple as tightening a fitting, or replacing a valve core. But it can be as complex as replacing the copper line set, the condenser coil or the evaporator c oil. If you have not had proper heating and cooling training, you probably won't be able to correctly diagnose the issue. Making the wrong decision when you start with the repair can actually turn into a costly and inconvenient mistake.

How to Detect a Refrigerant Leak

When you notice a drop in the cooling capacity of your air conditioner, know that the only way for coolant to leave your system, is through a leak, because air cons don't burn refrigerant. Follow one of these methods to detect the leak:

1. Electronic Sniffer

Heating and cooling specialists usually use the electronic sniffer to detect leaks. This gadget will locate the general area of the leak.

2. Soap Bubbles

This inexpensive method uses a solution of soap and water, applied to the system, to detect leaks. Bubbles will form where the leak is located.

3. Black Light

The black light method involves installing a liquid tracer that circulates in the system for approximately two weeks. The tracer will slowly ooze out from areas with leaks. A black light is inserted into the copper air conditioning tubing and it specifically identifies the location of the leaks.

Once the technicians have determined the location of the leak or leaks, they can make the necessary repairs. If your refrigerant is low, they will recharge that at the same time.

AC Leak Detection Service Toronto

Anta Plumbing is a renowned AC leak detection and maintenance service in Toronto. We are known for our competitive pricing and expert technicians. Quality customer service is our number one goal and we still believe in old-fashioned values of honesty and expertise. If you need help with your AC or if you think it may be leaking refrigerant, get in touch with us today.

Written by Anta

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