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Bathroom Fixtures: Best Practices for Choosing Wisely

There was a time when choosing bathroom fixtures was as simple as picking your favorite color. Styles did not vary much at all. Thankfully, today we have an unlimited range of styles to make the decision so much more difficult, but the end result as unique as the imagination allows. Since there are so many styles and materials to choose from, it is important to take your time when it comes to choosing the best bathroom fixtures. Professional Toronto plumbers recommend making a list of pros and cons. Here is Anta Plumbing's list of recommendations.

Choosing Bathroom Fixtures - Styles & Types

1. Choose a style that works for you

If you have a minimalistic style in the rest of your home, choose fixtures with clean lines and simple operation. If you have a more classic home, you could choose more ornate fixtures.

The size of your bathroom will determine the type of tub or shower you select and where it should be located. For a shower, you need to also consider whether it will be surrounded by walls or glass doors.

2. Match fixtures to your sink and tub

If you have a modern tub, you need to buy fixtures that match that style, but if you have a vintage claw-foot tub, you can choose fixtures with a more delicate style. The lines should also match, for instance, if you have an oval sink, the lines of your fixtures should not be too sharp.

3. Consider your budget

It's easy to get carried away into a fantasy world when you visit the plumbing store. Imagine all those fancy fixtures in your own bathroom... No! Don't! First set a budget, and decide what you are willing to spend on a specific feature. It's important to be realistic about what you can afford to pay for something.

4. Choose features that match your lifestyle

Single couples who enjoy stylish living can choose more intricate and luxurious fixtures, while large families with many kids would do better choosing a touchless faucet.

While vessel sinks are stylish and functional in a powder room, most people choose deep, undermounted sinks with an arching faucet and single handle operation. Pedestals save time, while cabinets offer storage space.

Choosing Bathroom Fixtures - Materials

Once you've decided on styles, you need to choose the materials in which to buy fixutres. Let's take a look at your options:

Copper: Shiny copper fixtures look fantastic in a bathroom with dark walls, or a vintage bathroom.

Chrome: Gleaming polished chrome fixtures add a sleek and clean look to modern or contemporary bathrooms. Ideal for minimalistic bathrooms, they make a room pop without the need to use any color.

Satin brass: Create a warm look in your sanctuary with satin brass fixtures and finishes.

When choosing bathroom fixtures, there are endless possibilities available. Asking a professional plumber to help you choose the right options for your needs is a good idea. They can also assess whether the fixtures you like will work with your current configuration, to minimize the costs of renovation.

Written by Tanya Klien

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