Do Chemical Drain Cleaners Damage Your Pipes?

Anyone who’s lived in a home has experienced clogged pipes in the kitchen, bathroom or utility sink. Clogs happen, and usually at the worst possible time – right before a dinner party, as you’re walking out of the house, ready to go on vacation – it’s like the clogs know! Most of us, because we’re in a hurry, turn to the bottles of chemical drain cleaners they have in the garage and wait for the magic to happen. But… is this a good solution? What are these chemicals doing to your pipes?

Further Examination of Chemical Drain Cleaners:

Most piles in newer homes these days are made of PVC and copper, although older homes often have pipes made of steel or iron. Chemical drain cleaners are generally safe for most of these pipes, providing that the homeowner doesn’t overuse them.

But because homeowners are often busy, they will often pour more drain cleaner down their clogged pipes, believing that the more chemical drain cleaner used, the better the clog will dissolve. Unfortunately, these homeowners are wrong (and should call a plumbing service instead).

Chemical drain cleaners work by using enzymes or caustic agents to dissolve or bust clogs in the drains, to varying degrees of efficiency, but for most minor clogs in your drains, they work well. However, using more and more of a chemical drain cleaner does not help to remove clogs in the drain, but can even go as far as to cause problems with the pipes, making them weaker and weaker.

The Solution To Chemical Drain Cleaners:

Rather than jump to the conclusion that chemical drain cleaners are the only way to unclog a clogged pipe or clogged drain if you cannot get the clog to dislodge from your pipes using the manufacturer’s instructions, it’s time to call in an expert plumber in Toronto and plumbing service to further assess the clog in your pipe. It’s vital that you use a professional plumber to unclog your drain if traditional methods haven’t worked for you in the past. The pipes in your home, they depend on you.

Written by Tanya Klien

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