Why You Should Schedule a Video Pipe Inspection Today

In order to receive a steady flow of water into your home, it is important to maintain the condition of your plumbing pipes. When the system doesn't work as it should, it is important to identify the problem as soon as you can. Tech-savvy plumbing contractors in Toronto, such as Anta Plumbing, can skillfully diagnose problems inside your pipes by means of a video pipe inspection. We use cutting-edge technology to locate issues deep inside your pipes.

Why is Video Pipe Inspection Important for Your Plumbing System?

Finding a leaky faucet or toilet is elementary. Noticing a burst pipe under your front lawn is as difficult as stepping into a puddle of water on the way to your car. But what if a collapsed sewer is the cause of your frequent slow draining issues? How do you find out whether you have tree roots in your pipes? How do you locate a leak behind a wall or under a concrete floor?

Those were the reasons why smart plumbers invented video pipe inspection equipment, and that's why efficient plumbers rely on this method to provide faster, more reliable services to their clients.

Video pipe inspections can help us to see precisely what is going on inside your pipes or sewers and help us find the most suitable remedy for your plumbing system issues.

How Does Video Pipe Inspection Work?

When you call us to perform a video pipe inspection, we will bring along our high-tech video pipe inspection equipment. A specialized, waterproof drain camera will be attached to the end of a long drain auger and inserted into a drain. We will feed it through the pipes, receiving video footage on the handheld monitor. We can even provide you with a copy of the video, which is often helpful for insurance claims and the like.

During the process, a licensed, trained, and experienced plumber will carefully monitor the inside of your pipes for the following:

❏ cracks and leaks in joints;
❏ a buildup of limescale, mineral deposits, FOGs, and debris;
❏ roots in pipes;
❏ collapsed pipes;
❏ and any other issues.

Once the pipes have been checked, the professional plumber will provide a report on the findings and an estimate for the repairs of any issues.

Video Pipe Inspection & Maintenance

Regular plumbing maintenance is important because by becoming aware of potential issues, you can remedy them before they cause havoc in your system. All the experts recommend that you have a video pipe inspection done once a year as a preventative measure. This will ensure that issues are located in the early stages, and bigger problems and plumbing emergencies can be prevented before they do severe damage.

The nature of plumbing problems is that they only make themselves known when the issue has reached critical status. Most plumbing issues require video pipe inspection to be identified. By calling for a regular video pipe inspection, your plumber can quickly identify developing issues and remedy them before any major problems occur.

Water damage on your property can cost a lot of money. Don't be a victim. Call for a video pipe inspection today.

Written by Tanya Klien

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