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Water Pipes

  • What kind of pipes do you have in your house?
  • Cast Iron pipes   copper pipes   Plastic pipes

    Copper pipe has many advantageous properties:
    - Not easy breakable
    - Has a high bursting strength
    - It is impervious to rust, etc.

    But on the same time some disadvantages exist:
    - Can be frozen
    - High initial cost
    - Copper is a good conductor of heat, electricity and sound, it takes the same temperature as a liquid flowing in the pipe.
    - Ammonia contained in some wastes tends to dissolve the copper oxide

    When you have copper pipes for water service in your basement, be sure that pipes are insulated, plumbers recommend. Because when copper pipes are frozen, you can get pipe leakage after that. Broken pipe will make a lot of damage to your property.

    Copper pipes are great to keep your water clean (compare to lead pipes), but remember: when you do exchange lead pipe to copper pipe, ask our Plumber for pipe size upgrade to increase you water preassure.

    Residential Water Service Pipe.

    Type "K" copper pipe and adapters shall be furnished and installed from the corporation stops to water meters, and from water meters to lots at locations indicated on the plans and where directed.
    All couplings and fittings shall be Ford Quick Joint or Mueller 110 compression type fittings. Where conditions warrant and as directed, the service connections shall be jacked or bored by an approved method. Service connections larger than 1 inch shall be of material approved and directed by the Authority.

    Cast Iron pipes

    Cast Iron Pipe

    copper pipes

    Copper Pipe

    Plastic pipes

    PVC pipe

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