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Plumbing Drain Services

Plumbing Scarborough

Toilet installation

Toilet Repair Scarborough

Toilet repairs

- running toilet
- unclog your toilet
- repair a poorly flushing toilet
- quiet a noisy toilet
- replace old toilet

Camera Inspection Scarborough

Drain Camera Inspection

- drain camera
- check your pipe condition
- locate a problem in a drain pipe
- FREE with any drain repair

Scarborough Plumbing and Drain Services

Anta Plumbing Inc. technicians are trained to provide our valued clients with exceptional, quality Scarborough plumbing and drain services in accordance to our pledge of excellence, which promises Reliable, Quality, Value and Service Excellence.

Would you like some professional plumbing advice? Get in touch with Anta Plumbing today. We have agents standing by to discuss your needs via live chat or call us to book your appointment today.

Plumbing and Drain Services in Scarborough

Anta Plumbing Inc. provides an extensive range of high quality plumbing services, including drain cleaning, drain repair, camera inspection, Hydro Jetting, trenchless water supply line installation, trenchless drain pipe installation and backwater valve installation.

We can assist with the following plumbing installations or drain services:

Plumbing Toilet Services(click here for more details)
Plumbing Kitchen plumbing
Plumbing Bathroom plumbing
Plumbing Garbage Disposal installation
Plumbing Water service installation
Draining. All types of pipe repair and/or replacement
Draining. Trenchless drain pipes installation
Draining. CCTV. Camera Inspection
Draining. Drain snaking
Draining. Basement flooded solutions
Draining. Floor Drain and NEW Rough-in installation
Draining. High pressure power jetting
Draining. Sump Pumps replacement
Draining. Ejector pump replacement


The Anta Plumbing team is not only professional plumbers but they are local, too. We have full time plumbers specially hired to service your area.

The Anta Plumbing team is not only professional plumbers but we are local, too. We have full time plumbers specifically hired to service your area.

Now you don’t have to wait for a plumber to drive an hour to tend to your emergency, because your friendly neighborhood plumber is already in your area. Anta’s local plumber can stop by at night, after hours, of before you start your day. We don't have to re-schedule appointments because of rush hour, because we have a technician nearby.

Clogged Drain. Drain cleaing solutions.

While some homeowners use commercial liquid drain cleaners to unclog their bathtubs, others know that it should only be used in an emergency, and only if they know for a fact that their pipes can withstand the chemical reactions.

Here at Anta Plumbing, we advise against the use of chemicals, which can react with mixed metal, cast iron or copper pipes, leading to even bigger problems.

If you’re going to use chemical drain cleaners, be sure to read the on-pack instructions. Better yet, get in touch with Anta Plumbing. We offer drain snaking, hydro jetting and other drain services that don’t involve chemicals.


Water Supply Line Installation

Get New Copper 3/4" or 1" water supply pipe for your home!

More water - use your shower, and dishwasher, and laundry on the same time!

Copper pipe instead of galvanized rusted pipe!

To book an appointment with our Technician to install new copper water supply line 3/4" or 1" call to the office and we will be happy to assist you (416) 231 3331

Water supply pipe. Look inside!

Water supply pipe sediments

This is a real image taken via our CCTV pipe inspection equipment. Some homes in Scarborough still have lead or 1/2' copper or galvanized steel water supply pipes. Water supply lines become rusted and filled with sediment over time. If you use potable water to cook or drink, call Anta Plumbing to install a water filter or change your water supply line to new copper piping for your safety.

By switching to 3/4' supply lines, you will increase the water supply to the house. Also copper pipe doesn't contain lead, which means that it provides safe water for every household member to shower when the dishwasher or clothes washer is working.

DIY Fix for a Blocked Kitchen Sink

Hydro Jet

Fats, oils and grease (FOGs) cause untold issues with your plumbing system, especially clogs. What to do?

1. If the water drains slowly, try to run hot water down the drain first.
2. If it is still clogged, try a plunger to pop the clog.
3. For stubborn clogs, use a drain snake.

Using a Drain Snake

Use slow and smooth hand motions with a manual drain snake. Be careful, though, because you can’t see inside the pipes and vigorous movements may damage drain pipe connections. If this happens, you will have to cut the drywall to find the damaged area and repair or exchange the broken peace. Hydro Jetting is the most effective solution for clearing stubborn clogged drains in the bathroom or kitchen.

High-pressure water jetting scrubs the inside walls of sewer lines to remove tree roots, grease and sediments (rust).

Anta Plumbing has high-powered Hydro Jet machines that can reach up to 200ft. Special nozzles can be attached to the hoses in order to deal with specific drain problems. We can clear just about any clog in under 1 hour 30 minutes.

We know that you would rather not have to call a plumber, but many homeowners try DIY methods just to end up with a bigger problem than before. That’s why we recommend prevention. FOG (fats, oils and grease) is your biggest enemy. Never pour oil down the drain. A little bit of care goes a long way towards preventing big problems.

AnTa Plumbing Inc. Trenchless Installation Drain pipe installation

Blocked toilet

Clogged toilet repair. Toilet Auger

Toilet Auger

Clogged toilet repair. Toilet Drain Cleaning

Toilet drain cleaning Emergency call 24/7 for any blockages and back ups. Call to be assisted at 416 231 3331.


I hired Anta plumbing to replace my old sewer drains. I am a home reno contractor myself and from the very beginning I was impressed with Anta's professionalism. Tony inspected the drains with the camera and gave me a fair honest price to do the work. They did a very good job in hard working conditions and performed in a timely fashion. When they finished, my basement, front lawn and driveway were left cleaner than the way they found them. Throughout and after the work, the lines of communication were always open. I am very picky about who I reccommend to other people, and I am confident to say that Anta is a good company to hire for your next project.


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