Basement Floor Unclogging Tips

In many of our homes, there are floor drains in the basement. These basement floor drains are instrumental in taking out dirty water that comes from our washing machines, water heaters, and air conditioners. These drains tend to get clogged from time to time due to the accumulation of debris inside the drains. This is why basements with improperly maintained floor drains are prone to frequent basement flooding.

However, unclogging a basement floor drain is not a very difficult process if you have the correct tools and follow the right guidelines. Though it is always better to rely on a plumber to fix these issues, it certainly helps in emergencies to have basic plumbing repairing knowledge. Before getting started, get hold materials such as a wrench, bucket, plumbing snake, hand gloves, face mask, towels or rags, and hot water.

At the very beginning put on your face mask and hand gloves. Start removing standing water from your basement floor with the bucket. Ask all your family members not to use running water until you have unclogged the drain. You will have access to the basement floor drain once you have removed enough standing water from the floor. This drain is your home’s final point of water discharge.

The largest drains in the house will help you find out the basement floor drains. These drains are found very close to the water drains in the streets. There is also an access point for cleaning purpose. Make use of your wrench to take out the  clean out plug. Now, clean the drain thoroughly with the plumbing snake. The sharp horizontal and vertical bends present in the basement floor drain can be cleaned efficiently with plumbing snakes.

Once the snake is within the drain, pull it out by a couple of feet and pour hot water inside the drain. Addition of hot water will wash out materials loosened by the snake. Try to push the snake inside the drain until it can’t move further. In order to dislodge all debris accumulated inside the drain, turn the plumbing snake’s crank clockwise. This will turn the snake’s flexible coil and get the debris dislodged. The resistance will continuously increase as you go further down the drain. Be prepared to remove many such clogs before the drain is completely clog free. At times, the resistance could be difficult remove in one or two attempts if there is some solid material stuck inside. Pull the snake out of the drain carefully so that the blockage is pulled out, too. Your drain will now run just the way you want it.

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Written by Tanya Klien

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