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Bathroom Design: Showers & Baths of the Future

Just when we thought smart urinals were the epitome of bathroom innovation, plumbing, and interior design experts blow us away completely with their views of the bathroom of the future. Rory's grandpa said it in season two of 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter, shortly after John Ritter passed away. While fixing the toilet, the Grandpa (played by James Garner) speaks about how the bathroom is a man's sanctuary. Modern bathroom innovations, however, take it one step further to turn bathrooms into connected room.

The Goals of a Modern Bathroom


Since the earliest years, bathrooms were merely functional, consisting of a bathtub, shower, and toilet. Then came the urinal as our knowledge and needs evolved, and then came whirlpool baths, pulsating showers, and chromotherapy showers. That brought us to the modern bathroom that not only serves the purpose of cleansing and providing a relaxing experience but also fulfills other purposes, such as:


  • saving water
  • pampers the body
  • improves hygiene
  • keeps us connected
  • provides entertainment.

The modern bathroom is a fascinating room when you consider the innovations that make it.

A Bathroom That Saves Water

Almost a decade ago, bathroom designer Jang Woo-seok predicted that the world may face a water crisis, which is why he invented a concept bathroom whereby the toilet re-uses the sink drain water.

A Bathroom That Self Sanitizes

Young Sang Eun designed a two-in-one commode that features a seat on one side and a urinal on the other. The toilet swivels around at the flip of a switch and uses UV and steam to self-sanitize.

If you don't like sharing, you can import Jan Ctvrnik's commode that features a "personal" toilet seat for up to three people.


Innovative Baths

Tubs such as the Corian bath come packed with amazing features, such as filling up to perfection at the touch of a button, and water that stays warm for hours on end while you enjoy watching television, browsing social networks, or surfing the net. Sound is delivered with 5.1 surround sound. For a more relaxing experience, use the chromatherapy setting to create your own mood.

One in six people never baths, but prefers to shower, with walk-in showers being their preferred bathroom design. The reason for the popularity of the shower is the fact that it uses less water and is, therefore, cheaper to run. Since a shower is more eco-friendly and quicker, it makes for a logical choice. However, the shower of the future still has to meet certain criteria, and accessibility in particular. Designers are increasingly becoming more aware of varying abilities when designing showers for people of all ages and mobility issues.

Modern showers will incorporate:

More Glass - Intelligent surfaces can produce a more immersive, interactive experience with integrated functionality, such as temperature control, sound, massage showers, and controlling different jets from different angles.

Efficiency - Designers are combining smart glass surfaces with water conservation concepts to help families save water, thus providing an excellent way to teach children mathematical concepts and conservation. Families can even see who can save the most water while showering.

Technology is certainly spectacular and the future looks bright for people looking to renovate their homes.

Written by Anta

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