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Summer Plumbing Problems & Top Solutions

Summer vacations, humidity, and fun in the sun are some of the factors that could contribute to summer plumbing problems. Here at Anta Plumbing, we've seen it all and we know how to solve it. Whatever you do, never leave a small problem to save yourself the trouble and the repair costs, because over time, a summer plumbing problem will compound and turn into a winter plumbing emergency. During heavy snowstorms and backed up traffic, it takes longer for plumbers to tend to emergencies too - and it is often much more of a crisis trying to dry up the mess left by sewage backups and burst pipes. Save yourself some money and inconvenience with these helpful tips.

Summer Plumbing Problem #1 - Clogged Garbage Disposal

Nothing beats a good cookout when the weather is good. Add to that good food, a few drinks and great company, and you are bound to have an awesome time... and lots of leftovers. The problem with leftovers that are thoughtlessly shoved down the garbage disposal, is that it can cause nasty clogs and it can damage your unit.

Solutions: Prevent it by taking care about what and how much you allow into the disposal. Avoid putting the following down your unit -

  • potatoes, pasta, rice and other starches
  • fibrous vegetables such as celery
  • hard fruits such as watermelon
  • stringy foods such as corn cobs
  • grease

Avoid a rotting, smelly garbage disposal by running cold water for about 15 seconds after the food is ground up.

Summer Plumbing Problem #2 - Clogged Toilet

Toilets take a hammering during summer, with kids and guests spending more time in the home. Increased use causes increased chances of clogs happening, particularly with younger kids who use too much toilet paper.


  • teach kids to use the right amount of toilet paper
  • make sure nobody flushes any wipes, pads, toys, pet fish, or grease down the toilet.

You can unclog a toilet using a flange or cup plunger. Can't get rid of the clog? Get in touch with Anta Plumbing.

Summer Plumbing Problem #3 - Sewer line backups

Every summer, we receive countless callouts from clients who need drain cleaning and sewer line repair. Why? Because summer is notorious for causing these issues, due to:

  • excessive water from thunderstorms or summer rain showers entering the pipes through cracks, causing backups.
  • plant- and tree roots that grow into the pipes through hairline cracks after the summer rains, causing backups.

Solutions: Tree roots are perpetually in search of nutrition, of which there is plenty in the sewer lines. Speak to your plumber about inspecting your pipes, and advising on the layout of your garden in relation to your plumbing system. Also, remember to call for an annual pipe inspection. Anta Plumbing's technicians use a non-invasive fibre optic sewer line video camera to assess the condition of your pipes.

With proper care and maintenance, as well as education for your little ones, you can alleviate many of the common summer plumbing problems. Of course, when a nasty clog rears its ugly head, Anta Plumbing is only a phone call away.

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