The Economy Setting Controversy: Can you really save money with Energy Star appliances?

Economy settings on modern appliances have added a huge selling point. More people are flipping to the eco-setting in order to save some energy and reduce their carbon footprint in a bid to reduce their contribution to climate change. Manufacturers enjoy the fact that eco-friendly appliances make their companies look good too. However, there are people who question whether these functions are effective, or counterproductive.

Everything from video game consoles to televisions, dishwashers and washing machines have economy options these days. Most of them offer 10-40% savings. However, unscrupulous manufacturers may attempt to deceive energy testing measures, and it has been reported in the past. Still, most manufacturers can be trusted, because they would prefer to avoid the damage to their reputations in which legal action would result.

Make Energy Saving Modes Work for You

Inferior manufacturing standards can result in eco-friendly settings that perform less than satisfactorily. There have been reports of poor performance on economical settings on washing machines and dryers, as well as televisions that were rendered unwatchable on economy settings. For those reasons, many appliance owners opt to use standard settings instead, which means that it defeats the object and does not justify the higher initial cost of these appliances.

Avoid Being Duped Into Buying an Inefficient Device

Not all economy modes are inefficient, but unfortunately, many legitimate devices have been tainted by the poor reputation of a select few. As consumers, we are always talking, and when we hear that someone's low power setting does not get the job done, we are less likely to buy a dishwasher or television with an economy setting, even if it is made by another manufacturer, or if it is a different model.

When the federal Energy Star program applies ratings to appliances, the economy setting mode is taken into account. Therefore, you may buy an Energy Star certified appliance to find that you don't like the economy settings, and be less than satisfied with your purchase.

Making Your Electrical Usage More Economical and Efficient

The best way to buy an appliance, is by doing your research. Read all the specifications of the appliance on the company's website, and find independent reviews from people who have bought the specific make and model.

Consumer reviews provide a valuable gauge as to how well the appliance has worked for other people with similar needs to yours.

To make the most out of your Energy Star certified appliances, be sure to use it correctly:

1. Do not overload your dishwasher
2. Choose the correct setting for the task at hand
3. Follow manufacturer instructions before making the decision that the eco-setting is causing the problem.

Choosing the right eco-friendly appliance for your needs can be tricky. However, Anta Plumbing is always at hand to help you make the best decisions and to help install your appliance. Get in touch with us today to discuss your needs and to receive some helpful advice on how to make the most of your home's energy usage.

Written by Tanya Klien

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