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Save Money With These Spring Plumbing Tips

We're finally sprinting towards spring, and everyone is looking forward to getting in the swimming pool and enjoying beautifully blooming gardens. But before spring is in full swing, there's a few important things to take care of, namely spring cleaning. There's carpets to clean, and drapes to be dabbled with, apart from the general scrubbing... One of the most important things to do as part of our spring cleaning, is to take care of your home's plumbing system. The Anta Plumbing experts share their top plumbing spring-clean tips to keep your system in good working order: Bathroom & Kitchen Plumbing Repair leaks and drips. Apart from saving precious water, taking care of leaks and drips will prevent unsightly stains and potential water damage. Check your toilets for leaks. Faucets and pipes are not the only sources of leaks. The toilet is often a culprit that leaks without anyone noticing. Simply add a dash of food coloring to the tank, and if the color seeps into the bowl, it is a sign that you have a leak. Check the flush. If you have to adjust the flush handle, or hold onto it to ensure even water flow, it is time to replace old, worn-out parts. Service the water supply valves. Tinker with the valves and rotate them to ensure that they function as they should. Mineral deposits, caulk and rust often cause rarely used valves to jam. Prevent clogs. After your routine drain cleaning service, insert drain strainers to prevent hair, dirt and soap from causing clogs in the drains. Heating Devices and Appliances Service your water heater. Sediments cling to the internal shell and the bottom of your water heater, causing rust and diminishing the efficiency of the device. It is important to clean out the water heater and to flush out sediments at least once a year. If it is older than 10-15 years, it is time to replace it. Adjust your water heater's temperature. It is important to not only service your water heater, but to keep it in good working order by avoiding excessive temperatures (anything over 230 degrees Fahrenheit). Replace appliance parts. Over time, kitchen appliance components can become worn and they should be replaced before they cause bigger problems. Opt for sturdier, more durable stainless steel hoses. Remove lint. You should clean your washing machine lint trap regularly, and consider installing a wire trap filter at the end of the drainage hose. Service your air conditioner. If your air conditioner is not functioning at optimal efficiency, it is probably costing you money. Call in for a service to ensure it works as it should. Outside Check your hose bibs. The icy fingers of winter tend to cause water supply pipes and hose bibs to crack. Check for splits and leaks before you turn the bib on for the first time. Test the sump pump. If you haven't used your sump pump in some time, test it out by pouring a few buckets of water into the pit to see whether it becomes activated and allow the water to be discharged. Wait to see that it shuts off automatically. Spring is a good time to call Anta Plumbing for an annual drain cleaning service. Don't hesitate, because roots start growing in pipes as soon as pipes thaw, and can result in nasty clogs.

Written by Tanya Klien

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