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Why Only Professionals Should Clean Your Drains

When most homeowners think about drain cleaning, they immediately think about liquid drain cleaner on the shelves of their grocery stores. Unfortunately, this toxic chemical mixture can damage your drains. It creates an acidic action, which, with repeated use, can ruin your pipes. Additionally, emergency rooms see many cases every year with eye and skin damage caused by exposure to the toxic chemical blend in drain cleaners.

Safer methods for cleaning household drains, include using sink plungers, which pose minimal risk to your pipes or your health, or drain snakes. However, the most effective and long-lasting method is to call in the professionals from Anta Plumbing.

Professionals Use Specialized Tools & Methods

Drain cleaning can involve simple methods that range from removing clogs to scouring the pipe interiors to remove packed-on grime in order to prevent clogs and issues with your water pressure in the future. Drain services include dealing with imminent issues and preventing future issues alike.

If your sink plunger can’t handle your clog, it is a good idea to call your plumber Anta Plumbing to come apply a motorized drain snake, which will quickly resolve the issue. A drain snake is a tough wire coil that is pushed down through the drain pipe. In a similar action to a corkscrew, the snake will drill into the blockage, breaking it up into smaller pieces. Homeowners can purchase commercial hand-crank drain snakes, however, the motorized models used by professional plumbers are much more powerful.

Sometimes, clogs are so severe that it will take too long for a drain snake to remove a tough clog. That’s when master plumbers employ a method known as hydro jetting. Using powerful water jets, City of Toronto licenced plumbers will blast away any clogs in your pipes to restore proper flow and prevent any backups. The water jets used in hydro jetting are powerful enough to effectively eliminate buildup that has developed over time, and which causes plumbing issues.

However, before they apply hydro jetting, most plumbers will do a video sewer inspection to find out the exact cause of the problem. Using high-tech video sewer equipment, your friendly Toronto plumber will inspect the inside of your drain pipes to see which areas of the pipe should be targeted for cleaning, and what type of cleaning will work best.

Many homeowners try to save money by trying to apply chemical drain cleaner or other weird and wonderful methods to get rid of clogs. Unfortunately, their lack of plumbing knowledge and experience often results in bigger problems that end up costing even more than a simple call out to professional plumbers.

If you’re in need of professional drain cleaning with the least possible fuss and mess, get hold of Anta Plumbing. We’re the trusted drain cleaning experts in Toronto with years of experience and the most trusted team who comes highly recommended. Our drain experts are experienced and ready to handle any problem you might have. Call us today for a drain cleaning assessment.

Written by Tanya Klien

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