10 Key Benefits of Professional Drain Cleaning

Clogs or drainage blockage are common occurrences in homes.

You may have noticed signs of the restricted flow of drains in your bathroom or kitchen sink but took them with a pinch of salt.

Poor drainage can cause more harm in the home and environment than you can imagine.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), “poor drainage can lead to flooding, resulting in property loss, and people may even be forced to move to escape floodwaters. Flooding may also damage water supply infrastructure and contaminate domestic water sources.”

Your kitchen sink drains slowly, of course, it may not appear to you as a thing of concern, but one thing is sure, you never can tell the level of plumbing emergency it could grow into, without a professional drain cleaning service.


With the current state of the world’s economy, everyone is looking to spend as little as possible. With professional drain cleaning, you have a chance at avoiding plumbing emergencies that can cost you a lot.

In addition to saving you money in the long run, professional drain cleaning has a lot of key benefits.

From safety to eliminating malicious odors. Please note that there is, of course, an endless list of ways in which professional drain cleaning can benefit you and your family.

This article features 10 key benefits of professional drain cleaning. Let’s get started.


1). Professional Drain Cleaning Eliminates Nasty Odors

Most of what goes down your drains are not fit for housekeeping. A lot of waste products are flushed down your drains.

From hair, soap scum, to the organic matter in your bathtub. All the dirt you wash away each day, not to mention what goes down the toilet.

When there is a clog in your drains, regardless of how small the clog is, these waste products get stuck in the pipe. Bacteria act on the stuck materials in the pipe, causing the materials to degrade.

This bacteria action will, no doubt produce disturbing and foul-smelling odors, that can find its way up and into your home. I don’t think anyone would enjoy using a foul-smelling bathroom.

Professional drain cleaning ensures that this problem is quickly spotted and eliminated, even before it produces bad odors.

This way, you can conveniently use your bathroom or kitchen sink, without having to wear a nose mask.


2). Reduces the Chances of a Clog

In addition to stuck waste in pipes, clogs can cause the wastewater you flush down your toilet to stay afloat, spreading throughout your bathroom.

Clogs start with warning signs like slow drains. If these signs are ignored, it turns into a clog and this becomes a major problem.

Without flowing drainage, house activities like washing dishes and taking your bath are affected.

Before you put on the feeling of self-sufficiency, with the attitude of “I will plunge the clog away”. Let me inform you that plunging is limited and only a temporary fix. Stubborn clogs do not respond to plunging at all.

Of course, there are over-the-counter drain cleaners, but most of these products are made of chemicals that can be harmful to your health and that of the environment.

Would you rather take your chances with harsh chemicals, or go for the proven and safe professional drain cleaning.


3). Protects Floors and Walls from Damage

Protects Floors and Walls from Damage


Clogged drainage means that wastewater overflows and runs onto your floors and walls. Aside from the nasty odor that this comes with, it can also damage your walls and floors.

Your walls and floors were designed to take the weight of its occupant, along with, other external loads.

But when these walls and floors are continuously exposed to water, whether flowing or stagnant, the walls grow weak and can suffer water damage.

Water can seep through the walls and floors, creating a habitat for mold and causing the walls to lose their stiffness.

Fixing walls and floors is an expensive venture. If you don’t take care of the clogs, you’ll have to settle for fixing your walls and floors over and over again.

With professional drainage cleaning, you can avoid all this problem, eliminating the clog before it exists.


4). Improve the Health of Your Family

Improve the Health of Your Family

As earlier stated, clogged drains mean bad odors, as well as habitats for bacteria and mold. Without taking care of the clogs, the bacteria and mold will continue to grow.

The presence of bacteria and mold in the bathroom or kitchen sink can affect your family’s health.

Some illnesses and diseases can arise from bacterial infections. Molds are not at all friendly. There are reports of it causing breathing problems.

However, professional drain cleaning will ensure a clog-free drain. This way you can keep bacteria and molds away from your family. Hence ensuring your family’s health.


5). It Saves You Money Over Time

One of the main reasons people run away from getting professional draining services is the fear of cost. Nothing is quite free on this earth.

And what people fail to understand is the fact that getting a regular draining cleaning service saves you more than half of the plumbing cost you might incur in trying to fix bad drainage.

Of course, there is a cost, but it's a small price to pay, considering the problems a clog would cause. Because you may need an earthmover if the clog is located further down an underground pipe.

Leaks accompany clogs, and an underground pipe can only be replaced by having to dig it up. This incurs a cost, not to mention the inconvenience. Drain cleaning will help you eliminate the need for all this.

6). Keeps Your Pipes Healthy

10 Key Benefits of Professional Drain Cleaning

When chemicals and organic material get stuck in your pipes, it most times results in corrosion and pipe leakage.

A small leak must be attended to, and sometimes it is difficult to spot. Not to mention the consequences of a large leak.

These chemicals need time in the pipes to break down the pipes, getting professional drain cleaning will mean that the chemicals are stopped in their tracks. And it doesn’t get the chance to corrode the pipes.

Everything requires maintenance, and pipes are no exception. If pipe maintenance is on point, it can last a long as possible with no issues. However, a corroded pipe will have to be replaced.


7). Speeds up Drainage

Clogs give warning signs and one of these signs is slow drainage. Slow drainage is also a problem. You might be washing dishes, and you need to cut off the tap to allow wastewater to drain since the drain can’t keep up with the water flow.

You then resolve to consistently plunge multiple times a day, or week. This is inconvenient.

With professional drain cleaning, you need not worry about this at all. This way, the speed of the drain is maintained. Eliminating overflowing sinks and showers.

The drain speed no longer controls your shower time or the pace of your dishwashing.


8). Long-term Effectiveness

Your plumbing at home will only stand the test of time with routine maintenance. This is exactly what professional drain cleaning offers.

Getting a team of professionals to regularly maintain your drainage system will afford you the luxury of long-lasting pipes.

Additionally, trusted professionals can understand your plumbing system, and help draw out a plan for regular visits, with the needed time interval.

The combination of trusted service and routine maintenance ensures that your home plumbing stands the test of time.


9). Professional-Only Solutions

The use of technologies by professional drain cleaners offers the kind of solution you can get from them. Most companies employ the use of hydro-jet cleaner for drains and sewer cleaning. The hydro-jet is a technology that utilizes high-pressure water to clear drains.

With the right service team, you can save money and time on the right equipment and efficiency.


10). Improved Drainage Systems

Of course, the overall aim of professional drain cleaning is to improve your overall draining systems.

Poor draining systems are a troubling issue for most homes. With the professional drain cleaner, your draining system can only improve.

By quickly removing blockages with efficient technologies, that provide very close to a hundred percent work done.

The ability of a professional to weigh the intent or degree of issues your draining system is facing is another reason you should join this train.

Without these professionals, it is nearly impossible to measure the severity of the drainage problems.



You want all these benefits right? Do you want to avoid spending much on repairing plumbing? Then contact a professional drain cleaning service.

The importance of regularly maintaining your drainage system cannot be overemphasized.

Remember the saying, a healthy drainage system, is a healthy family. Therefore, keep your drainage clean and healthy with professional drain cleaners. This way, you can keep your house healthy for as long as possible.

Written by Tanya Klien

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