Importance of Residential Plumbing Inspection for Toronto Homeowners

Professional inspection of the plumbing system in a house is required for a number of reasons. Be it a scheduled annual inspection, or to solve a minor plumbing issue, inspection of the system provides lots of benefits. Regular inspection followed by timely corrective measures can save money spent on expensive plumbing related repairs and replacements. Though a professional plumbing contractor will inspect your entire plumbing system, there are certain areas that must be checked during this inspection.

Most qualified plumbers start the inspection of a plumbing system by inspecting the supply line. It is highly essential to locate the water meter and the pipes through which the municipal supply of water enters the system. Once the water source is found, the plumber will use the shit-off valve to stop water supply to the system. Now, all the faucets are turned on, and a thorough inspection is carried out to find out if there is any water coming out of these faucets. In case, there is any water, there must be some problem with the valve.

Ensuring adequate water pressure for homeowners is also a part of your residential plumbing inspection. The size of your pipe is important in this regards. Your plumbing contractor will also check the condition of the pipes and make sure there are no toxic substances. If any of you live in a house built before 1986, you are required by law to replace your lead pipes with safer materials. The City will even help you cover this cost with subsidy.

Leak detection is probably one the most useful benefits of regular plumbing inspection. A qualified plumber can help you with preventive maintenance of the system if the problems are detected on time. Leak detection can now be done without any digging or wall destruction using advanced tools such as close circuit cameras, infrared imaging, and acoustic signals.

Improperly managed drains can be a nightmare for any household. Periodic inspection using a drain camera can help you keep your drains free from back up. Drain camera inspection is extremely popular these days, and it uses a sophisticated CCTV to document the footage on a flash drive or DVD. These high-end cameras are equipped to detect potential problem areas before the problems actually occur.

Your hot water heater also requires to be inspected at least once every year. This will make sure that all the seals and joints are secure, and there is no leakage of water. It should also be checked whether the thermostat is working effectively.

Finally, make sure your plumbing contractor also spends some time inspecting your sewers. The consequences of a backed up can be disastrous for any home. Preventing a basement from getting flooded by sewage is only possible by keeping the backflow prevention valve in great working condition.

Regular inspection by a qualified plumbing contractor will act as an extended guarantee and protect your plumbing system from frequent and unexpected issues. Contact us today for a comprehensive inspection of your plumbing system.

Written by Tanya Klien

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