Plumbing Maintenance Advice: Why Video Pipe Inspection is the Way to Go

Maintaining a plumbing system can be complex and cumbersome. Many subtle plumbing problems can only be diagnosed through a physical examination, which can be difficult. After all, most plumbing systems are hidden under the floor or behind walls, and issues can remain hidden for a long time, only to be discovered once they have caused significant damage. That's why professional Toronto plumbers recommend annual video pipe inspections. How does Video Pipe Inspection Work? Video pipe inspection makes use of a lengthy cord attached to a small camera. The camera end is inserted into the plumbing system, and pushed through the pipes, propelled by small wheels. The camera then sends live images from inside the pipes back to the operator. Benefits of Video Pipe Inspection Video pipe inspection offers a range of advantages to homeowners, including: 1. A pipe inspection solution that doesn't damage your landscaping Video pipe inspection doesn't require that you dig up your entire landscape to find the problem. That means that your driveway or patio remains in pristine condition. The plumbing operator may create only a small hole at either end of the line in which to insert the camera. Even better news is that the problem can probably be repaired without the need to dig trenches, too. 2. Makes it easy to find the exact location of the issue Using video pipe inspection, a professional plumber can easily identify the exact source of the leak or blocked pipe without the need to dig up your entire garden. The camera is inserted into the pipe or storm drain, and another location device is used above ground to locate the camera. That pinpoints the exact location of the problem and the decision can then be made as to the most effective, least invasive remedy. 3. Cost effective, time saving method Video pipe inspection can save you time and money. In most cases high-tech solutions can be expensive, but this does not apply to video pipe inspection. Video pipe inspection is much less labour intensive and quicker than digging trenches and manually looking for problems. Therefore, it is much quicker and more cost-effective than traditional methods. The advantages of video pipe inspection for diagnostic tests and pipe maintenance are numerous and pose minimal risk for soil disruption. That's why the more City of Toronto licensed plumbers are making the switch from traditional plumbing to more modern methods. Anta Plumbing has been using state-of-the-art plumbing equipment and innovative techniques for years, so you can count on our experience whenever you notice that your plumbing system is not working as it should, or when you wake up to a puddle on your front lawn. Since many plumbing issues are hidden behind walls and under floors, we recommend an annual video pipe inspection. That will catch most plumbing problems in their early stages, and as such prevent most of the damage that comes with leaks, clogs, and tree roots in drains.

Written by Tanya Klien

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