Beware of the Most Common Home Plumbing Mistakes

Almost all Toronto homeowners are scared of problems with their plumbing systems, and ready to do anything to avoid them. However, plumbing related issues still take place in most of the households. Interestingly, a high percentage of plumbing problems faced by the Toronto homeowners is because of some minor mistakes committed by the homeowners themselves or their plumbing contractors. As an experienced Toronto plumber, we have observed that many such issues occur because of the way homeowners approach the problem.

Firstly, often times, homeowners look for quick fixes to their plumbing problems without eliminating the root cause of the issue. This appears to be the smartest solution when one is in a great hurry or when there are guests in the house. However, quick fixes are never recommendable for plumbing because it is bound to intensify the problem in the long run. Also, at our homes, we often make mistakes like forgetting to turn off the water tap. It is important to turn off these small valves because it completely eliminates gushing water-fountain issues.

Improper plumbing installation is yet another serious mistake. While working at different household in Toronto, we often come across new installations done without any leveling whatsoever. The process of leveling takes no more than a few seconds, and eliminates expensive repairs for the future.

Many of you may have heard of or even experienced the indoor flooding problem. You would be surprised to know that a number of such instances are caused by our negligence. Disconnecting the garden hose is an important home maintenance requirement during the winter. For households with a separate control, it is essential to turn off water supply to the outdoor spigots. A burst frozen pipe can cause immense loss to your house. Therefore, do not forget to disconnect your outdoor plumbing before the season’s first hard freeze.

Many homeowners often undertake DIY plumbing projects for their minor repairing needs. However, pipe mismatch can be a serious problem if it is not done with a thorough understanding of the process. Always remember that the connecting piece plays an important role while fitting two pipes together. Also, never make the mistake of connecting galvanized metal pipes to copper pipes. A combination of these two types of pipes will get corroded in no time because the materials will react to each other.

Drain cleaners are very efficient in keeping our drains clog free. However, most of them consist of harsh chemicals that can cause damage to your plumbing system in the long run. Therefore, limit the use of drain cleaners and start using a chemical free cleaner.

Finally, be well aware of the city plumbing codes before undertaking any plumbing related work at home.

Written by Tanya Klien

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