Install French Drains to Prevent Basement Flooding

FRENCH Drain to install in Toronto to prevent flooding


Like many Toronto residents, are you also looking for a way to prevent basement flooding?  Installation of French drains is one surefire technique to avoid basement flooding. Henry French invented the French drain in 1859 in his efforts to channelize flood water away from the base of the buildings. Regular contact with water leads to quick erosion of the basement or the building as a whole. Therefore, keeping flood water away from the building’s base is critical to maintaining the structural strength of the building. In most cases, French drains make use of  sump pumps or flow downhill. Properly constructed French drains can be extremely useful in preventing basement flooding.

French drains consist of a network of pipelines with small, drilled holes throughout the pipeline network. These networks of pipelines are placed inside a gravel bed. In many parts of the world, French drains were initially used to ensure improved outdoor drainage. They are still used extensively for fast ground water drainage before any seepage takes place into the basement. Interior French drains are generally installed when outdoor drainage is not sufficient to keep the basement dry. Please remember that exterior French drains require periodic maintenance because they tend to get clogged over a period of time.

With a properly installed French drain, flood water will flow into the trenches beneath your floor’s basement. Otherwise, there is a high likelihood of this water leaking through the basement’s cove joints. A sump pump is used to pump this water away. Using sump pumps with a battery backup is useful because it will keep the entire system operational even if there is a major storm resulting in a power outage.

French drains are recommended particularly for Toronto residents who live in areas with high water table. They can efficiently  prevent both basement seepage and growth of mold to protect their basement. Installation of French drains is also a smart option for houses near rivers and those located in heavy rainfall areas.

In addition to protecting the basement, French drains also offer drainage choice to homeowners with regards to where the water should flow. Families that have a garden that remains dry throughout the year can choose to design their French drains to flow to their garden.

People prefer French drains because they are relatively economical compared to most other types of drainage systems. However, be sure to use top quality materials for your French drains because this is a ‘once in a lifetime’ investment for you. Also, only use professional plumbing experts to install your French drain.

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